(JAN. 2019 WTV) The Essence of obeying Righteousness

Text: Isaiah 40:28


This message is not just a message that is being preached; it is becoming a life that is being demonstrated.


God’s eternal power is righteousness. This means righteousness is the origin of divine power. God neither faints nor is weary because His power is righteousness. The righteousness of God is understanding as well as wisdom. God’s “all-knowingness” is tied to His righteousness. This power is what God wants to give to man. This is why the Bible says, “He gives power to the faint and to those who have no might He increaseth strength” (Isaiah 40:29). The unveiling of God’s righteousness is the giving of God’s power to man. 


As a man moves from a dimension of righteousness to another, he moves from a dimension of knowledge to another. The true knowledge that administers power is that which God has. We are in the days when we will see men failing. Righteousness is the investment of both now and the future. The learning of righteousness is what makes us men of the future because the future is righteousness. The attitude to receive righteousness is waiting. This is why the Bible says, “they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength” (Isaiah 40:31). This waiting is beyond fasting and prayer; it is an attitude of the heart that a man must have. 


This waiting is actually waiting on God’s word because that is where God’s power is domiciled. It is as we do this that ascension becomes possible. The force of righteousness is faith and as a soul obeys the righteousness that is revealed by the faith of Christ, it begins to ascend. This ascension is not the ascension of the body but the ascension of state (that is, coming into a higher state than the soul had found). There is no other way for a man to ascend out of the earth apart from the faith that is in Christ. 


The power of unrighteousness is a hold on the earth which cannot be prayed away because it is a law. This is why the Bible says, “there is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” (Prov. 14:12). The only way to break out of this mold is to obey the justice of God. no man is just without having obeyed the righteousness. If Jesus said, “for no man hath ascended to heaven...” (John 3:13), He meant that Enoch and Elijah did not ascend to heaven as we all believed/thought. Although they were moved into heaven, their kind of ascension was of a lower pedigree because it was not a product of revealed righteousness. 


Although there had been exploits done on the earth, no man had been able to please God except Jesus Christ. The only One who has been able to ascend into Heaven, in God’s reckoning, is Christ Jesus. The work of righteousness that qualifies the soul for ascension is that which is done with the feet. As the believer walks in the Spirit by faith, he ascends in his soul. There have been sons in the Old Testament before Jesus came but His kind of sonship was different. The secret of the sonship of Christ is righteousness. There is no true New Testament sonship outside the righteousness by faith that is in Christ. Jesus said to Nicodemus that “No man hath ascended to heaven but He that came from Heaven; the Son of Man who IS IN HEAVEN” (John 3:13). This implies that true ascension is that which happens in the soul. 


Christ is the first entrance of power to man to bring man to where He is. Preaching Him was the commission of Paul. flesh is a bundle of abilities and there is almost nothing it cannot do; it can fast, pray for hours, do evangelism, among others. The only way to capture and destroy flesh is to obey righteousness. It is concerning this gospel that Paul said, “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ” (Romans 1:16-17) because the power of this gospel is not first outward. 


Oftentimes, when righteousness is at work in the soul, the outward does not seem to bear any resemblance with what is happening within. Most times, you will need the spectacle of divinity to understand that the soul is on the right track. This is the only way allegiance to the lordship of Satan is broken; this is why Satan hated Paul and always seek to cast aspersion on the gospel of Christ. Faith is the vehicle of God’s power. A soul that can demonstrate the life of faith is living by God’s power. 


Immortality is the blessing of God the Father and He is not going to put this blessing on any soul that has not learned pleasure via Christ. God will NOT immortalise flesh. Christ comes first in the order of salvation because He is the Sanctifier. Christ is the One who speaks to the Father for the giving of immortality to a soul. On matters pertaining to immortality, God the Father does not listen to any man, He listens ONLY to His Son. The work of God now is to seek those who will abide in His tabernacle (Psalm 15:2ff) and the Administrator of that work is Christ.  


It is to this end that flesh will have no hiding place in this season. This is why the Lord will open us up to commandments for the removal of youthful lusts and other infirmities of the soul. One of such commandments is for husbands to love their wives. No man who has not attained the stature of Christ can love his wife accurately and this is why such commandments come again and again. Ascension into God is after the order of righteousness. Righteousness is the vocation of the New Testament. It is possible to be born again and still be practising unrighteousness. This is why righteousness has to be taught.


Righteousness exalts the soul above the laws of corruption, flesh and mortality. Satan did unrighteousness so much till he became a priest of unrighteousness. We must exercise ourselves in hurrying out of darkness. Lingering in darkness hardens the heart more and the Lord will have to do a lot to bring out such a soul. The best way to keep the heart tender is to hear God’s word and turn. The purpose of the revelation of the Son of God is to destroy the works of the devil in the soul. This revelation of the Son is the revelation of righteousness. 


We have known so much about being born of the Spirit but in this season, there is an advent of being born of God. This kind of birth is for sealing unto eternal life. We are in the days when God desires to birth men. This cannot be understood except by the light of the faith of the Son. We are approaching the day of God. Let us ask God to prepare 


us as a generation of people that are sought out and separated for purification! 


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