Judging Thoughts by the True Light: Pastor Tayo Fasan

Writing the vision October 2017

Minister: Pastor Tayo Fasan

Text: 1 John 2: 6-8

We are in the midst of transactions in the spirit that involve thoughts. God is loading us with a volume of these transactions for the purpose of cleansing because it takes thoughts to deliver us from thoughts. This will continue till we are full of volumes of light transactions just as God has it. In this season, the thoughts of God, which had hitherto been hidden and unknown are being declassified.

To change a man from being fleshly into being spiritual takes time. It took Abraham twenty five years, for instance, to have righteousness imputed into his account. It was after this that his thoughts could agree with God’s thoughts, having experienced separation by living on God’s words over time. Everything that a believer will go through is already exemplified in the walk and life of Abraham.

Satan fights men who fellowship with the faith of the Son of God because he does not want a generation to arise that will journey to the end of faith. John was called a burning and a shining light but Jesus Christ is the one who has the light of eternal life. It is only by this light that a soul can journey from the present into the Alpha and Omega light of the beginning. When we understand what the true light is and the import of having passed from death into life, we will become jealous over keeping life.

Sin, darkness and all it represents is a thought away. In the same way Christ and God can be a thought away. It is the mastery of the law of the Spirit of life that will bring us to the place where our weapons of war will become farming implements. This will happen because a lot of work would have been done on the heart. Every conversation a man keeps is from the heart. We must use this light to prove every conversation that we are engaging and have engaged in.

The light of the gospel that we are receiving must become the standard by which every thing around us is been judged. Darkness is a form of light also; that is why the Bible says “the TRUE light now shineth”. God wants to judge our darkness by the true light until we escape the corruption that is in the world through lust. Lusts are thoughts that cannot be discerned except by the true light (that is, the light of Christ and of God). We must make it our aim to rise above the thoughts of lusts that trouble our souls. Evil thoughts are like darts that the enemy fires into our souls. Fellowshipping with the thoughts of God brings you to a place where you can accurately discern thoughts.

Every thought, no matter how harmless, is sponsored by powers.  We must seek to come to the place where we are able to interpret the thoughts of God like the Lord was able to. God is a lot more eager to open Himself to us much more than we are willing to. The Lord Jesus was able to satisfy the eternal longing in the heart of God to download Himself into a man. The more God downloads Himself, the more He has to download, even in the ages to come. May the Lord help us to be always willing to receive what He is ready to pour out upon us! Amen.   

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