(JUNE. 2019 WTV) The Oil of Gladness and the Love of God

Text: Psalm 103


Our race is the race of eternal life. While Christ is our life, God is our life eternal. To run the race is to embark on a journey to the hope which is behind the veil. David said, “Bless the Lord O, my soul, bless His holy name” (Psalm 103:1). The holy name of the Lord is that which is found in the holy place. The revelation of the name of the Lord progresses from the realm of righteousness to the dimension of God’s holiness. There are different kinds of angelic activities revolving round the subject of healing. There are angels that perform healing but do not do anything else. However, there are angels who dispense word for the healing of the soul and, as such, other healing graces and gifts follow. 


These kinds of angels are angels of the testimony, which is the word of God. They heal the soul and they target the ailments of the mind and heart, because man is not his body. These angels do not necessarily heal because believers are seeking healing; they swing into action as the souls of believers experience healing. Most times, sickness in the body are tied to sickness in the soul. If a man can be blind physically, that means it is possible for a man to be blind in his soul. For instance, there was such a thing as a “deaf and dumb spirit” that Jesus cast out (Mark 9:25-29). The dual activities of this spirit were to damage the body in a way to affect the soul badly. 


There are troubles/disturbances in the body caused by spirits that medical science has been able to tame to an extent. Before this breakthrough can happen, a lot of investment must have been done in the four walls of schools. If several years of studying and embarking on medical research can help tame the activities of a demon somewhat, it means demons are higher than professors. It is a deliberate work of Satan to allow diseases infest the earth so that men will come in contact with another light as they try battling it with so much study. This breakthrough has made men into beings who are self-reliant against God. 


From the beginning, demons never had power over men. After spirits took over the earth, they delivered men into the hands of demons. Jesus told us how to deal with them. He said, “in My name, they shall cast down demons” (Mark 16:15-17). Do not negotiate with or beg demons. Instead, cast them out. They are little soldiers that are sent to perform operations, who must be ejected by force. Following on to know the Lord is the price that the body of Christ has to pay to make the fountain of healing spring up amidst the body of Christ on a large scale. Imagine that the presence of an angel insulated Israel from falling sick for forty years throughout the wilderness journey. The only times sickness showed up were when they disobeyed.


Paul and the other apostles did not have their health maintained by confession of scriptures; it is because they, by walk, collided with God’s presence. Most of the spirits men walked with are beings who bring noisome pestilence. What insulates and shields us from the noisome pestilence that Satan uses to advocate fear is finding and abiding in the secret place of the most High. New Testament emphases of the faith of the Son and Charity are things of the secret place of the most High. 


A soul that has finished the course of the holy place is a holy soul. It is that kind of soul that can know the holy name of God. No soul will have the capacity to bless the Lord if it is diseased. A soul will have to be blessed to bless the Lord. The blessing you can give is that which you have acquired. In the realm of holiness which the angels belong to, praise is according to nature. This is why the seraphim worship God in a way entirely different from how the cherubim worship. The former worship Him as “the LORD of hosts” (Isaiah 6:3) while the latter worship Him as “the LORD God Almighty” (Rev. 4:8-11). What determines how holy you are, in the spirit, is the ground upon which you are standing. 


The seraph that flew to Isaiah took a coal from the altar to touch Isaiah’s lip/tongue for the taking away of his iniquity. Although Isaiah had been prophesying from Chapter 1 to chapter 5, he had sin. His sin came, chiefly, from the fact that he was functioning under the reign of an unclean king. This king was King Uzziah whose kingly reign was higher than the prophetic sight of Isaiah. He had to be taken away before Isaiah could see the Lord. The death of Uzziah was an entrance for Isaiah into a plane in the spirit where the Lord could be seen as King. In much the same way, there are kings in our lives that have to be taken away before we can see the Lord as He is. 


To perfect the work of the holy place is to bring the soul to a place where his iniquity passed from him. David said, “who forgiveth all thine iniquities and healeth all thy diseases” (Psalm 103:3). These iniquities and diseases are seated in the same place in man. To erroneously believe that our sins do not matter because of what Jesus did on the cross is a costly assumption. While we do not have sin in our spirits, we must not deny its presence in our souls. These iniquities are often not touched at New Birth because they are issues of the soul. 


If the best of God’s disposition to our sins is pardon, then the gospel is weak. The problem of sin in man cannot be solved by mere pardon. Men need to understand how to undo the work of the enemy in our souls. Otherwise, after we have obtained pardon, we will return to committing sins. There is no remission of sins until the time of entrance into the Kingdom. It is on this note that we will understand this Psalm of David as a note of victory. In the Old Testament, for instance, Moses purged the altar in heaven and purged the people afterward. In the same way, Christ has purged our sins from the altar in heaven and has given us the epistles as the tool/instruments of sprinkling the blood on the church. 


When Moses sprinkled the blood of bulls and goats on the book of the Law, he was implying that they would only be able to access the testimony by reason of the blood. When Jesus said, “for whosoever hath to him shall be given more but to him that hath not, even that which he hath shall be taken away from him” (Matt. 13:12). The only thing that matters is the seed of the  gospel. Those who have, according to this passage, are those who have the seed of Christ (who is the seed of the Kingdom). Those who do not have the seed are lacking because of something else they are holding which has to be taken away from them. A man who does not have Christ does not have anything. 


The essence of the parables of Christ are to make men see/understand the Kingdom. They are parables for the inward man (the soul) who can be diseased (Matt. 13:15). No diseased soul will gain entrance into the Kingdom of God. Souls that are blind, deaf, dumb, crippled or manifesting different kinds of diseases need healing. It is diseases in the soul that make souls hear but not understand, see and not perceive, etc. These diseases are issues that are present with man that medical science is not aware of. The antidote to these diseases is understanding Christ. Jesus said, “it is given to you to understand the mystery of the Kingdom” (Mark 4:11). Mystery means secrets, a sign of healing is the ability of the soul to comprehend mysteries. Understanding mysteries can open you up into a higher plane of life and communication that logs out those who have no understanding. 


We understood no mystery for the New Birth. We only believed what Jesus did on the cross because there was no exercise of the soul in understanding. Remission will not happen without the digestion of mysteries happening. When a soul still has issues of iniquities and diseases, such souls are carrying things that have been outlawed. This is why it is necessary for the soul to understand mysteries because sin is mysterious. Sin is far greater than many believers because its growth is higher than theirs. What dissolves sin in the soul is not comprehending the mystery of the sin but comprehending the mystery of the Kingdom. Understanding the Kingdom works the purging of iniquities from the soul. 


Sin has dual identities in the soul; it is a disease and an offence. Actually, the reason we commit sin is because we are diseased. The Lord who administers the healing of the soul is Christ. In the dimension of God’s holiness, no man can carve out a niche for himself; the only Man that will be seen is Christ. The latter revelation of the name of the Lord is His holiness; His first revelation is His righteousness. Paul was told by the Lord that he needed deliverance before he could be a minister and witness of the things the Lord showed him (Acts 26:16-17). If Paul needed deliverance was from his people (the Jewish nation), it means no culture/nation is free. 


A miracle worker will not be admitted into the Kingdom if he is relying on the power that works miracles. The only power that counts in the Kingdom is that which can turn the soul “from darkness to light and the power of Satan unto God” (Acts 26:18). Magical power is not Satan’s power. The actual power of Satan’s power operates in calmness and silence. Satan blinds souls amidst false sense of peace. No soul is free from the power of Satan, even ministers of the gospel and this is why they embrace hopes less than that which is Christ’s. When souls have not escaped the blindness of Satan, they will never be known in the spirit. 


Healing is the lot of souls that are converted. The Lord said, “except a man be converted and become as little children, you shall not enter into the Kingdom of heaven” (Matt. 18:2). If conversion into little children is the requirement for entrance, it means every soul had acquired a foul and false age by iniquity. It is possible for a child to have acquired growth in his soul more than adults because iniquity gives the soul age and wisdom. Sin brings some profitability to the soul. The wisdom that sin has teaches the soul to rely on things other than faith (God) for life. 


The only Person who can reduce our false age and deflate our wrong size is Christ Jesus. No life is taken back from destruction until that life is in the Kingdom. When the eyes of the understanding of believers are opened, they know the will of God. The doing of that will is what now guarantees entrance into the Kingdom. The Lord said, “it is not those who call me ‘Lord, Lord’ that will enter the Kingdom but those who do the will of my Father in Heaven” (Matt. 7:21). Entrance into the Kingdom is what stops the work of destruction in the soul. 


Satan is wicked. He has put things in the soul that will perpetuate itself except help comes for man. The work of entrance will not be possible, however, without the acting upon of an external force upon our souls. Every revealed “will” of God has redemption programmed within it. The crowning of the soul with tender mercies brings him to a place where he finds access to the good tidings of good, which is salvation. What makes us gain our youth back is our conversion. After this conversion, you will be exposed to another kind of meal different from that which you ate to become Christ. 


David said, in Psalm 91, “thou shall tread upon the lion and adder. The young lion and the dragon shall thou trample under foot” (Psalm 91:13). Dogs speak of operations that fight Christ; lions speak of operations of the adversary that fight God. The “lion” and “young lion” speak of two dimensions of the enemy. The first dimension of the enemy is as the lion/adder; his latter manifestation is that of the young lion/dragon. There are two dimensions of oath, both represented by the nature of the lion. The Bible says, “a lion which is strongest among beasts, and  turneth not away for any” (Prov. 30:30 ).


This means Satan cannot change; neither can he resist iniquity anymore. Lucifer, who became Satan, is an oath being. In much the same way, the life of God is an oath nature. No one crosses into eternal life and turns. The reason is because its resolve is stronger than anything else. That is how these cherubs are framed. That is why they do not turn back. They have a dimension of life that is very strong and keeps rising after being dealt blows. You determine the strength of a life by how long it can stay waging war. This is why God allows him engage generations of men who are desirous of eternal life. The Lord Jesus overcame him because he had the capacity to outlast the dragon in this warfare. 


Satan fought God and is tired. God is not tired of war; this is why, even after Christ had overcome, He still raised another army (called “the remnant of her seed” to combat the dragon. Rev. 12:17). The renewal of youth as the eagles speaks of coming into the God-kind of life because they are beds in God’s class. Eagles are lions of the heights. What lions are on land is what they are in the heights. The renewal of youth speaks of the nature that eternal life exudes. There is a law within God that makes Him ever fresh and ever young. To be young is to be endless. This is a promise for those who wait on the Lord for “they shall renew their strength” (Isaiah 40:31). To wait on the Lord means to persist with Christ until God shows up.


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