(MAY. 2019 WTV) The Unveiling of the Son of God

Text: 1 Timothy 3:16


The mystery of godliness is a great thing to God, not only man. Faith is a mystery, and there are other mysteries in the New Testament. For instance, the Bible says there is the “mystery of God, and of the Father and of Christ” (Colossians 2). All other mysteries are all sub-zoomed into this great mystery called “the mystery of godliness”. God is not eternity; He is eternal life. He is greater than eternity for He holds it. He is the One who apportions ages. Just as the builder of the house is of more honour than the house, God is higher and far greater than eternity. 


Capturing this awesome Being in the flesh must be a great secret. As present everywhere as God is, He is still elusive. While we can relate with Christ to an extent, because His substances have been deposited in our hearts, God is still far off! As much as we can trap the Person of Christ by understanding, we must know He wants to bring the understanding of God, His Father, to us. By reason of understanding, God can be brought to a terrain that our souls can fellowship with. 


The words of Christ are His substances, which if kept, will bring you into the love of the Father. The present creation is not enough to capture the weight of God; it is only the person of Christ that can. However, a man whose mind is not yet Christ cannot comprehend the person of God. All of the creation of God is created to give Him pleasure (Rev. 4:11). Great is the mystery of godliness! This was said by the Godhead. Creation cannot hold God. 


Without controversy, God is light. Despite the skillfulness of man, he cannot fight the creation of God. Likewise, in spite of the greatness and vastness of the creation, it cannot capture God, because God is abundant. Even the angels are not enough to comprehend God as light. The light here in 1 John is the life that is of God, which He brought to light in the person of His Son. Eternal Life was made manifest in the flesh by virtue of Christ embodying it. 


“Justified in the Spirit!” This is a description of Christ. One cannot be justified without the faith of the Son of God, nor can they discern without the working of it. To be justified is to be Christ. Also, to be spiritual, beloved and acceptable is to be Christ. Men do not have the grounds to see God except through Christ, because the very knowledge of God is kept in Christ who comes from the bosom of God. Christ who came from the bosom of God, inherited God. It is the teaching of the gospel of Christ that delivers Him to men. The manifestation of the son of God is the understanding that the son of God brings to man.


The epistles of John cannot be understood without the eyes of our understanding being enlightened. These epistles can be  stumbling blocks when there’s no understanding, but they cannot be fought or resisted by man, because they will surely come to pass. Those who fight the messengers of the gospel of Christ are fighting against Christ. 


The Son of God is the Lord of glory. Without Him, no man can have access to God, because God gave Him authority to give God [life] to all flesh. Only those who have the Son have the life.

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