(NOV. 2019 WTV) Unveiling the Keys of David

Text:  Cor. 4:16, Romans 8:1-2


In the light of the eternal weight of glory, our afflictions will be seen as scratches on the skin that do not go deep. May God bless us with sight for the pile-up of glory. Coming into this weight is not something reserved for when we get to heaven.  Our definition of success in life and ministry is limited by death. Ministers must labour till they break into the eternal weight of God’s glory. When God called us, He called us to come inherit His glory. 


Glory subdues souls and makes them feel inferior. The weights of glory are mostly unseen. In prophetic encounters, When you come in contact with an angel, you can tell the weight of glory that he carries. Part of the things that make for the weight of angels is their intelligence (or brightness). John saw one in the book of Revelation and fell down at his feet to worship him. The angel told him, “Worship God” because God is far weightier than that angel.


It does not matter how much sacrifice we have to make, it is nothing compared to what God has to give. We must know that our suffering is not enough to make us inherit God’s glory. Although we have to pay some price, we must understand that the prize is actually higher. Our suffering and pain in doing the will of God is a token of our submission to Him. In seasons such as this, keep your gaze on that which is unseen. Peep into the world of the unseen and you can get an insight into how much you are valued or treasured.


Another thing to also keep in mind is that such seasons do not last forever. They endure for a little while and fade away. There is no price on the earth that we have to pay that can compare to the eternal weight of glory. Do not pity those who go through hard times. In actual fact, what is happening to them is that they are gaining weight in the spirit. If they obey to the end, it will redound unto glory that has eternal weight. It is an honour to suffer; it is a curriculum drafted and run by grace. The Bible says, Jesus by the grace of God tasted death for every man. Suffering is grace coming to you in another format.


A lot of men suffer without gaining anything in return, but when a man suffers in the hope of eternal life, it is a different matter. Sufferings along this path are training for the soul. For instance, being led to live with a family that loves no other but themselves is a kind of suffering. In that kind of arrangement, such a soul suffers even though they might be eating well. Sometimes, defending the faith with your life is suffering. Staying put while being overlooked for favours and benefit in church can be suffering. That posture of the heart will prevent the devil from scattering the fold and will yield a great recompense of reward.


Both Mary and Joseph had to suffer to carry the Lord Jesus in the womb. Even when Joseph had doubts about the paternity of Jesus, he endured the whole process and did no harm to the baby Jesus. Although he did not have the Holy Ghost resident within him, he had a soul training in the law of Moses.


The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus is the faith in Him that sets the soul free from sin and death. The Lord does not set a soul free by praying or laying hands; He does so by teaching and leading such souls to walk in the Spirit. As that is done, the soul is made free from the law of sin and death. We must walk in the Spirit until we get into the Kingdom. This walk is done by faith. 


That which we call the “Lord’s Prayer” is praying in the Holy Ghost (Matt. 6:9-15). Prayers made in the Holy Ghost are prayers of the Kingdom. The prayers of Paul for the Ephesian church are prayers in the Holy Ghost. As the eyes of the understanding of the soul are opened, the soul sees the Kingdom. When what you see informs your prayers, you pray in the Holy Ghost. Praying in the Holy Ghost takes you deeper in the Kingdom. As you keep journeying this way, you will become king of righteousness. You do not gain entrance into the Kingdom the day you start walking in the Spirit; you must have walked in the Spirit for some time before you gain entrance into the Kingdom. 


The gospel is the tool for entrance into the Kingdom. It is the message of the Kingdom. All that the tidings of the gospel keeps are righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost (Rom. 14:17). When the soul has heard good tidings that publish peace, it becomes a peacemaker. After this, the soul then needs to hear another tiding. These three states/stages are in the kingdom. You must have walked to an extent before you gain entrance into the Kingdom. You must have acquired so much righteousness for the Kingdom gate to open to you.


Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost are the keys of the Kingdom. The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus is what makes the soul free from the law of sin and death. This sin is sin against faith and this death is a “faith death”. Remember in Chapter 1, Paul said about the gospel of Christ that “for therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith” (Rom. 1:17). The platform of this faith operation is resurrection from the dead. Every sin has its kind of death. There is a kind of death that killed Adam; it is disobedience to faith. 


Adam did not desire departure from God; he only wanted another kind of life which was an alternative to what God was offering. A lot of believers still have this kind of death in their soul. The only thing that can heal this death is faith. The milk of the word cannot heal this kind of death. Death is what is responsible for inability to comprehend the thought of God. Departure from God is failure to respond to God when He comes calling. Church activities cannot give life to a soul that is departing from the living God. 


It is possible for some souls to do some mini-departure but that does not mean they are dead to the uttermost. Paul said, “If you live after the flesh, you shall die but if you by the spirit put to death the deeds of the body you shall live” (Romans 8:13). This death he was speaking about is not eternal death; neither is the life he is speaking about here also eternal life. Although this kind of death is not eternal death, it is not something to be toyed with. Sometimes, you find believers who just want to live their lives, which in actual fact is death. To deal with the law of sin and death, we need the covenant of life and peace.  


He who has the key of David opened the door to the Philadelphia church (Rev. 3:7). There is a difference between sin and death, and Hell and death. The answer to hell and death is the open door that the Philadelphian church had. The key in Christ unlocks sin and death while the key in the Son of God unlocks Hell and Death (Rev. 1:18). Keys are covenant (Isaiah 8). There are positive keys of Hell and Death as well negative keys. What can unlock the negative key are the positive key of which the Son of God is the embodiment. 


Death and Hell, which will be cast into the lake of fire, are lies and falsehood. Hell is not just a place; it has entities. The same with death. An example of a hellish being is the beast. Hell is his home while death is his nature. That is why he came up from the bottomless pit. The judgment of this beast is eternal fire. Whoever has death and hell has proven himself worthy of eternal fire. It is death and Hell, not sin and death that were cast into the lake of fire. Sin and death, nonetheless, has great potential to turn a soul into a dead and hellish soul.

Lie is hellish (Rev. 22:15). When a soul believes a lie, he will eventually love it. To keep oneself in the love of God, the soul must have possessed love development. Without this development, the soul will expose itself anyhow. Keeping oneself in the love of God and looking for the mercy of our God unto eternal life is training on how to overcome hell and death. To overcome the beast is to refuse to fall for what he brings. What the Antichrist could bring is a death and hellish garment which was extremely attractive. Eternal life is a gift of God’s love but we will not prove ourselves worthy of this promise except we keep the covenant. This covenant is the covenant of love. To overcome Hell, the soul must love God. 


Mercy is the imputation of God to seal the work that has been done. When the first and last work have been raised, you need the mercy of God upon them. The crown on the pillar in the temple of Solomon are representations of God’s mercy. Although eternal life is a reward, we must build ourselves to receive it. The requirement for the reward is doing the love of God. This is where the mercy of David is needed. In the season of reward, God is completing and eradicating the strength of Hell and death. This is how the soul comes into perfect liberty.


If the Lord does not put His hand on you, you will not be brought into perfect liberty. You need vessels of mercy, which are ordained for glory. There will be no use for these vessels in the realm of glory if there is no mercy for eternal life. As we build, we will see these pillars, understand their design and understand the name of God and His Son! Amen. The name of God and His Son is the authority of eternal life. You need this name to be granted admittance into the eternal life dimension. The last days are meant for us so we can do that which our High Priest did at the beginning of the last day, which is overcoming death and hell.


  • Demilade Avatar
    Demilade - 4 months ago
    This blessed me, it is very profound and true. More grace to every hand and heart involved.

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