Our Calling; Entering God's Day

Text: Romans 8: 28-29


God is serious about delivering His tidings to man. This has been His agenda before He made man and He expects us to take it seriously by giving the more earnest heed to the things we have heard (Heb. 2:1). God is not looking for a mere man, He is seeking one that is better than the angels. Angels were created to do God’s commandment, hearken to the voice of the Lord (Ps. 103:20). Hosts which are the seraphims do His pleasure (Ps. 103:21), God created all things for His pleasure (Rev. 4:11).


When the angels keep and do God’s commandments, they do what they have been created for. God  expects man to do much more. The whole duty of man is to bring God pleasure more than the angels. To do anything short of this will be going against the purpose for his creation. God is waiting for when man will bring ultimate pleasure to Him because it is for this reason man was created. The Lord told me, “the will of God must be the uppermost pursuit of man and becoming what Jesus became is what God seeks for in man”. If man does anything short of what Jesus did, God will not be pleased.


The most important thing that should be in our hearts is entrance into what God is giving. Many things can distract us from entrance, this is why we are being raised to focus on entrance and disregard the distractions because nothing else matters. What we acquire materially on our sojourn here on earth means nothing. The only thing that matters is what we become. We often struggle for positions, placements and relevance in the natural but these things do not matter. What truly matters is entrance. It is possible to be in a highly placed position that guarantees privileges in the natural but still be denied entrance. Placements high or low do not matter in the face of entrance, as a matter of fact, we are meant to count our placements on earth as dung (Phil 3:8). 


The Bible makes us understand that some mind earthly things (Phil. 3:19). We often interpret this to mean minding material things but this is a limited way to see this Scripture. Status is also earthly, placements in the natural are all earthly. It is possible to have little in the natural but be high minded in our thoughts. It takes the light of God to reveal the secrets of the heart. Our reputation could be a legitimate reason we have in our hearts for disobedience; and all such reasons have their foundations in pride. Sometimes God chooses to limit us in order to save us because the wickedness of the heart is hidden from the sight of our eyes, it will only take the Lord to reveal them. God will not leave any stone unturned in purging the heart of corruption.


The essence of the tidings of God’s day is to produce men who are conformed to the image of the Son (Rom. 8:29). It is only those who are conformed to the image of the Son that can sit on the throne. The Son is the image of the invisible God, this means that God expects us to be the express image of Him (Heb. 1:3). The tidings of God is what makes up the Son. The Son is configured by two tidings; good tidings and glad tidings. The good tidings raises a son in the dimension of Christ. Christ is the spiritual man. The tidings of Christ therefore makes for a spiritual man. This spiritual man is not the fullness of the Son. The glad tidings raises a full Son that can sit on the throne. This man is the godly or the divine man.


At Jordan, Christ was called the beloved Son in whom God was pleased (Matt. 3:17) but He did not stop His journey here, He further journeyed to become the Son that was fit to be heard (Lk. 9:35). Christ relinquished all control He had in order to attain the stature that can sit on the throne. When wives submit to their husbands, they are being trained to relinquish control just like Christ did. In every placement we find ourselves, it is expected of us to submit to authority. This is because the key to becoming what God wants us to become is obedience.


The day of God is the day when sons are begotten. God wants to raise sons who can defeat death. Every man must strive to complete the course of Christ. This is a high achievement and there are so many distractions in this world that seek to prevent one from completing his course. What this world has to offer is a distraction. It is not enough to attain the stature of Christ, we also need to race toward becoming the fullness of the son. This is because attaining the stature of Christ alone, a man still has the potential to turn. The tidings of God is for us to obey so that we can become the sons of God. We must be like Christ who “Though He were a Son, yet learned He obedience by the things which He suffered” (Heb. 5:8). When the course of Christ is completed, which is the course of sonship in a measure, one must go further to learn the tidings of God to become a full son.


Jesus never considered His will, He did what the Father wanted at all times. Obedience is the school of sonship. The tidings of God’s day are to make men perfect; they are the tidings of perfection. It is not sufficient to attain the stature of Christ, one must also race to becoming a son of God who is the express image of God. The Son of God is the author of Eternal Salvation to all those who obey Him (Heb. 5:9). All who will obey the Son of God are those who will obey what constitutes the configuration of the Eternal Son. The tidings of God made up the son, these tidings are commandments we must obey to the uttermost. Good tidings configure the heart to obey Christ and leave the realm of flesh. Christ comes against the definitions and configurations of the world resident in the soul. Adequate profiting with good tidings over time prepares the heart to accept glad tidings when they are given.


Whosoever fails at completing the course of Christ cannot begin the course of the Son of God. We must not be satisfied at becoming Christ. A man who stops at being Christ has not fulfilled purpose. The man who will fulfil purpose is the one who will become the son of God. The tidings of God’s day are the tidings of perfection, eternal salvation and making of sons. It is important to race into these things because Satan is coming with his fury. The only people who will withstand the day of the antichrist and the dragon are those who have been begotten by the tidings of God.




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