Round Up

We must understand that death is the last enemy. The resurrection of the dead is a reality that would dawn in the soul when the Love of God is attained. The reason why death still tarries is because there are certain secret laws in death that we are yet to relinquish. Death is also a kind of love that can only be quenched by the water of God (SOS 8:6-7). Love is the cord that joins a soul to a thing, like Ephraim was joined to his idols (Hosea 4:17). God had to quickly intercept the journey of man when he was at a place of loving the work of Satan to prevent him from being joined totally.


The reason for the strong intercession of the high priest is to stand against our fastening to death. The high priestly ministry is the only thing that is potent enough to undo the excellent work that the fallen cherub crafted. In His wisdom, our Lord has provided another excellent promise for us to obtain (2Pet. 1:4). The saving of the soul is an excellent work that only the blood of Christ can accomplish. The blood is what takes away the sin of being unresponsive to the light of God as men. To use the light of God to live, we must still do away with flesh and blood even after sanctification (Heb. 2:14-15). We are going to be taken away from the days of our own flesh and be moved into the days of the kind of flesh that Jesus now has. For this to happen, high priestly prayers must be raised by our Lord Jesus like He once did (Heb. 5:7).

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