The Prerequisite for God's Glory

Text: 2 Tim 2:10

Salvation is an inheritance to be obtained. The glory of God can only be found in salvation. No one can touch the glory of God without first coming into salvation. This means that salvation encases glory. God is glory. When we talk about the tidings of God’s day, we are talking about the unveiling and the revelation of God’s day. We cannot come into glory except the things of God's day has been taught.


The gospel of the Kingdom is actually the gospel which God has ordained for men to know. You can't know God outside His glory. For men to come to God they need to first come into the



comprehension of Christ.  Christ needs to be understood so that man can inherit God. Paul was appointed to unveil a faith called the faith of God's elect (Titus 1:1). This faith is the vehicle to bring men to God. This faith is the only way that a man can obtain eternal glory. This faith is a shield. God commanded that faith be taught so men can come to Him. Christ is the truth and God is the true God. What truth should produce in us is to become Christ first of all. It takes godly souls to anticipate salvation. To be saved is to come into the state of God.


The man of God is Christ. Although we refer to preachers as men of God, the real meaning of a man of God is Christ. God wants to dwell and unveil Himself in the midst of men who have become Christ. It will take the Christ company to understand God. God cannot be interpreted by flesh. Flesh cannot comprehend God’s ways. If God should unveil Himself to flesh, flesh will become offended. This is why a soul has to migrate from being flesh, to being a child, and then to being a man. Christ has been commissioned to administer this migration to the soul of a man.


A man is meant to journey to being a full Christ who can partake of the tidings of God. until salvation is fully published, the reign of God will not be realised by men. God wants to visit men who have both made and are dwelling in peace. Peace is a point where God must meet us. Peace is realised by the training of the doctrine of Christ. The tidings of God's day can only be used by people who are at peace. They are the only ones that have an understanding of the true God.


The reason why faith is commissioned to be preached is because of the hope of eternal life. The promise of eternal life is what the tidings of God's day will bring to us. The word of eternal life is that which God uses. God really wants to share His life with us.


The gospel of God is not the same thing as the gospel of Christ. Real New Testament is the separation to God's promise. The gifts of Christ are helpers to help the hope of Christ for men to handle.


There was an allocation given to Paul to preach Christ (Rom. 16:25-26). This gospel is to make Christ known unto men. God commanded Paul to preach Christ, for there is a reason why Christ must be known. It is a command because it is not subjected to variation.


There is a judgement that must be well laid, there are experiences that must be communicated to the soul for the soul to be established.


We must have hope to wait for salvation (Lam. 3:26) and blessed be Christ who is our Hope. So, the Gospel of Peace is our hope which we must have after we have learnt Christ. God is Salvation; this is what our Lord Jesus Christ entered as He became a template of obedience. He is the tabernacle measurement to enter into Salvation; therefore hope must be delivered to man.


The main work in churches was to make children come into a place where they are at peace with God. It will therefore take Christ's company to comprehend God for His way can't be interpreted by flesh.


God knows the only place he can be revealed is in the midst of men. So, the work of faith or commandment of Christ is to make children men. Until salvation is published, the reign of God's throne will not be visibly established in men. 


Peace is an address that God wants to visit (Job 22:21). Just like an email address has a general domain name, so also there is a place we must be in order to get God. This happens only through the obedience of faith.


In the realms of the tidings of God, there are honesty and mercy because there has to be a capacity raised in the soul for Christ to fully dawn.


There is a law of truth given to Levites. We must first receive the word of truth before receiving the word of Eternal Life for only by them can iniquity be taken away from us. There is a mannerism in truth which detonates iniquity, pollution and corruption that have attached themselves to us.


We see clearly in Job 22:25 that a man must have plenty of silver. This illustration depicts a man that is coming into God -- one who would have had riches in Him. These riches are abundance of Christ. From the scripture, silver represents Christ and gold represents Eternal Life. The men in Revelation 22:4 have been given capacity to hold eternal life (God). This means eternal salvation can be attained and God's life can be lived but you must first attain Christ.


The tidings of God's day is changing our state. Just as the morning dawns and it breaks gradually into the day, so is God moving us into His morning. He is committing Himself unto a generation like ours, so we thank Him.


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