The Price For Glory

Text: Psalm 2


One of the greatest mysteries about the roaring lion is that He is also a lamb. He is not just a lamb but a lamb that has been slain (Rev. 13:8). It is abstruse for anyone who has an inkling of who God is to disobey Him. It then means that there was something seemingly weak in God in the eyes of Satan for him to have rebelled against God. As we approach the times of glory, we must become meek and humble. There would be great temptations in the coming days which the Lord is warning us against. In the coming times when seven virgins shall take hold of one man, desiring to bear his name (Isaiah 4:1), we must remember that it is the name of the Lord that they desire and not our names, hence, the need for more meekness and humility. One hallmark of humility is not sharing in the glory of God.


We all have our breaking points. There is a point we get to where things begin to unravel, it is at this point we need one another to comfort and rebuke ourselves in love. Satan and all those under him have a hatred for God. This hatred has been passed into every man as a result of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil which we have all partaken of in Adam (1 Cor. 15:21). What makes us sin is our enmity with God. We therefore need to travel the long road of faith because faith deals with this enmity in our hearts.


The system that satan has developed in the world is one that looks at the creator as an impediment to all men want to do. We see in the world today a craze for liberty especially when it comes to the rights of individuals. Nations founded on liberty are currently recording high levels of diseases because all men want to do as they please. All the things Satan brings upon the earth have a point of advantage which the Lord can use. In this season of quietness brought about by the pandemic, a lot is being done on the insides of many.


The carnal man cannot access the things of God because of enmity in his heart (Rom. 8:7). The things that God has promised will definitely come to pass but out of God’s love and mercy, He has decided to suffer long and wait for many to come to repentance. God is humble. He made promises to men like Abraham and David and even backed up his promise with David by an oath. This shows us that the throne is the height of meekness. God does not maintain this world by the external powers He possesses. The glory of God is not external but emanates from who He is on the inside. The source of the power of God is hidden inside God. Satan saw the external and thought it was all there is to God and made a foolish move in rebellion. Without God we cannot do anything, the greatest mirage is to believe we can do anything without God.


Those things which the Lord takes away from us is absolutely worthless, apostle paul referred to it as dung (Phil. 3:8). The system that the world has in place is anti the world to come. This world is constantly preaching to us all the time, this is why it is important for us to ask the world for utterance to reach out to God’s people. Though the harvest is plentiful the labourers are few (Lk. 10:2). Majority  the labourers need to be teachers and preachers of Christ. In the past days of this holy convocation, Jesus has been lifted high. Jesus Christ is the only way, it is not just about what happened on the cross but without His intercession, we will not make any progress.


We need to ask the Lord for help to stay humble. Every time Jesus was exalted, He chose to humble Himself, this same mind needs to be in all of us (Phil. 2:5-11). One thing to take out of this holy convocation is to remain under. May we find grace to come under because it is the only way the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.



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