Unveiling all The Garments of Salvation

Text: Isaiah 52:7

The feet of a glad tidings bearer is a beautiful one. It is beautiful because it goes beyond the peace of the Lord. The peace feet have access to elements of salvation and the sword of the spirit which is the word of God. The good tidings of good cannot be done without first doing the good tidings. The good tidings publish peace. Anyone who has the good tidings alone will only have peace feet.


Although it is not easy for one’s feet to be shod with peace, the demand for beautiful feet is higher. The reason for publishing good tidings is to help a soul arrive at peace while the good tidings of good are published to land a soul in salvation. It is necessary for the soul to attain peace so that it can reach forth for salvation. The publisher of salvation has beautiful feet.


Lucifer had beauty and when he looked upon his beauty, his heart was lifted up (Ez. 28:17). This is why the bible tells us to deal with ourselves soberly according to the measure of grace that God has dealt with us (Rom. 12:3). We should be sincere not to lift ourselves above our measure of grace because the higher one climbs in the things of the spirit, the more Satan lusts after such a person. Paul had an abundance of revelation and because of this, Satan was attracted to him. This is why Satan sent his messenger to afflict Paul.


If Paul was not afflicted, it's possible that he would have been lifted above measure (2 Corin 12:7). The buffeting that paul encountered made paul humble. We still have imperfection but if we do not recognise this, we would be lifted up without knowing it. Satan fellowshipped with his brightness and gazed upon his beauty, this led to his heart being lifted up and his ultimate fall. God gave lucifer brightness and wisdom, when he looked upon his beauty, he lifted up his heart, when he looked upon his brightness he  corrupted his wisdom.


When we say God is beautiful beyond comparison, we are not equating His beauty to the physical beauty.


Satan was once “full of wisdom”; he had the kind of wisdom that sums up all the heavens (Eze. 28:12). Wisdom is the giver of knowledge; without being wise, one cannot know. Satan was a spirit that was full of spiritual wisdom. Satan was amongst the cherubs who resided in the heavenly Eden of God (Eze. 28:13). The garden of God is the orchard where He planted pleasurable trees amongst whom He can reside. In all the stratas of heaven, God could only be found amongst these trees.


One with a beautiful feet has two tidings - peace and salvation (Isa.52:7). He publishes peace through good tidings, and publishes Salvation through good tidings of good (i.e. glad tidings). Zion and Jerusalem are to put on their strength (Isa. 52:1). Jerusalem differs from Zion in terms of garment. Good tidings is Christ Jesus, Christ is peace while God is salvation. Zion must first awake to be able to  put on her beautiful garments (Isa. 52:1).


The message that Jesus was anointed with began with good tidings (Isa. 61:1). This good tidings culminates in the acceptable year of the Lord, where Zion has done the will of God to the point where she is now receivable. This point of acceptability is the point of publishing peace. The prophets are not to be categorized under the old testament that was handed over to the Jews because they had veiled insight into the new testament. This is why several messages of our Lord Jesus in the Gospels were taken from the prophetic scriptures. The scriptures of the prophets foretold the testament that was to come even though they did not enter into it.


The glad tidings begin with the proclamation of the Day of the Lord and comfort for “all that mourn” in Zion (Isa. 61:2). Zion is a place full of mourners; however, amongst this company of mourners, there are those who mourn to the uttermost amidst mourners. These are the people who would then be appointed (Isa. 61:3). These same people are going to receive the administration of beauty for their ashes. They obtained this ashes by fulfilling the dimension of Christ to a point of stupor. Such men have been reduced to a great point of meekness.


At the coming of the Groom, those in Zion must be awoken and dressed up in certain garments (Isa. 52:1). The first garment is the garment of righteousness, while the second garment is the garment of salvation. At His coming, God appears in descending measures of Salvation, strength, Kingdom and then power of His Christ (Rev. 12:10). The author of death that we must overcome has his own salvation as well. The wisdom in him was the beautiful feet he once used to walk up and down in the midst of the stones of fire (Ezek. 28:14). He could not have administered to the holy mountain (Zion of angels) if he was not full of wisdom.


Our Lord Jesus is the horn of salvation that has been sent to save us from our enemies and them that hate us (Luke 1:71). God had to tie this salvation to an oath because of the kind of enemies that we need to be saved from. He knew the stature of perverse wisdom that was in Satan and that was at work against saving us. This was why he sent a wisdom that would supersede such an excellent hatred. There can be no knowledge of salvation without wisdom of salvation (Luke 1:77). John was a prophet who bore the wisdom that could save the soul to a measure; not exactly the salvation of eternal life. The salvation he bore record of was not strong enough to combat the strength of Satan.


There is a meekness requirement for the soul to be saved (James 1:21; 1Pet 1:9). This meekness was what the mourners upon mount zion presented as ashes in exchange for the beauty of salvation (Isa. 61:3). The ornament of beauty that they are to receive is the garment of salvation. However, strength must first precede this salvation because it takes strength to bear the weight of that garment.


The righteousness of the white robes that is obtained through the tribulations of Christ is not the same as that required to sit on the throne. The garment required to sit on the throne must be clean and white garment and is worn on the bride (Rev. 19:8). The latter has been made both clean and white for it to be of a linen kind. This linen is the only garment that can approach the throne of God. The linen garment is worn on those who have been taught of the Almighty to cleanse their already white robes. They got these white robes by passing through the first separation by the teaching of the Lord (2 Cor 6:17). The uncleanness of the white robe can not be seen under the sunlight; it can only be exposed by the full shining of the Menorah.


The first garment is good and arrives at perfection by use (Isa. 52). The linen garment that is worn on the bride is not equal with the one that the manchild is adorned with. The garment of the manchild is of the same quality as the garment of the one who sat upon the white horse (Rev. 19:11-16). The white horse that He would be riding from heaven is actually the spirit of righteousness.


The manchild would not need the feast of the marriage of the bride because he would have already been caught up to the throne of God. The bride’s clean and white garment would still have to be changed into the fullness of divine nature as signified by pure gold (Rev. 21:18). The city that the bride has become is bearing the fullness of glory. In order to wear this gold, the bride needed to first put on strength.


The city, which was once white, will have to pass through the test that would adorn her with gold. This wearing of gold is a work of mercy that speaks of its enduring nature. Gold is not just beautiful, but also enduring. The city must then go on to receive the last garment from God, which is the glory of God (Rev 21:11). The description of this garment is similar to the appearance of the jasper stone that was set upon the throne. Naturally, the jasper stone is red in appearance like the description of the vesture dipped in blood.


Amongst the honourable women in the sanctuary, only those who have obtained the garment of salvation would be fit to marry the groom (Psa. 45). The wisdom that would finally deal with death is a gift that would be given only to those who arrive at the beauty of salvation. It is only those who expire their manly connections that would cross over into this last lap (Psa 45:10).


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