Do not Break that Routine!

Why do our thoughts deviate to other things when we are trying to focus on accomplishing a spiritual exercise routine such as praying or studying the Bible? Why is it so difficult to stay focused on things that edify? Wicked spirits made it so.

The Mindset we need to have about Nigeria

Many people are filled with anger, fear, insecurity and resentment towards the nation. Some others have resorted to escape from the land. But our disposition as the Church of Jesus Christ in this nation weighs a lot in the realm of the spirit.

The Lifestyle of Prayer

Prayer must be seen as a lifestyle for us now, not an option. It is one of the ways we can put our trust in the One who is able to save us from death. If the days of our Lord Jesus were full of prayer, we can't but have that same attitude—if we want to succeed in everlasting life and, ultimately, be rewarded with eternal life.

The Church, the Light to the World

One major reason many are fainting in their hearts for this nation is that their hopes are wrongly placed. Anything in this world is too unstable for our hopes to be in it.

Trusting the Lord for our nation, Nigeria (PFN)

Fear - the lack of faith! It is a product of unbelief and doubt. Just like faith comes by hearing, fear also comes by hearing.

Love - as Defined by God

Love is a consuming fire. And to be loved by God is to be consumed by Him in the pure passion of his will. The Love of God in this level is death - death to flesh and self. Man ends and God takes over.

Introduction to the Word of Righteousness – Part 2

There is a Word that empowers a believer to live by God’s approved way to live in the flesh; even from faith to faith. That Word is the next allocation for the soul of any believer that has used and been wean from the elementary (milk) principles of faith. That Word is called the Word of Righteousness

Introduction to the Word of Righteousness - Part 1

There is a Word that reveals God's standard for living like Jesus did until He attained the victory called our Faith. That Word is the key to truly understanding the sayings and parables of our Lord Jesus.

Counsels From The Word of Righteousness (Part 12)

The following are inspired thoughts I found grace to fetch while acknowledging truths that confront my flesh; that disrespect sin and celebrate the word of righteousness.

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