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The vision of the Eternal Glorious Fountain Ministry, is to join forces with existing ministries and churches to bring to pass the vision of the Lord, which is to raise sons like our Lord Jesus Christ. For well over two decades now, the ministry has found mercy to be faithful to this commission; even as we stay on the ministry of the word and give room for the move of the Spirit. Our teaching and preaching itinerary also includes local and international outreaches.

Besides this, the Lord has caused the scope of the ministry to expand beyond the coasts of Nigeria. Regular yearly conferences and teaching meetings are held in the UK, Canada, Austria, Poland, the US as well as in Trinidad and Tobago. We are privileged to hold this torch of the Word of righteousness with which nations are being lit; in ways that promise to usher in a harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God. Darkness is being judged and believers are coming to know the He in whom they have believed.

As a partner with such a ministry, you are partnering with a course that would see many believers become partakers of the promise of the New Testament; even eternal life. Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us in this End-time venture?

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