Remembering the Lord

‘Anamnesis’, which is a yearly meeting hosted by the Eternal Glorious Fountain Ministry, derives its name from a Greek word which means “remembrance” or a “calling to mind”. The word was used by the Lord Himself when He said “this do in remembrance of Me” (Luke 22:19, 1Cor. 11:24-25).

Those words of the Lord - forever carved in the Scriptures - reveal His desire to be an ever-present reality in our lives. This is vital because the name of the Lord should be more present in our souls than on our lips - and He should not only remembered when we need His intervention, but at all times.

The bread signifies His body and the wine signifies His blood (i.e. life) are the two articles of the Lord’s Table that have been provided “for the remission of the sins of many” (Matt. 26:28). This is the very essence of the sacrifice of our Lord; both at the cross and at the right hand of the Majesty on High. God strongly desires for men to emerge on the earth; those in whom sin has been overcome.

At Anamnesis, the Lord Jesus Christ becomes our obsession. Words of life are spoken under a strong anointing of the Spirit to open attendees up to the greatness and uniqueness of His Person - above all else. There is also an intense atmosphere of reverence and worship that facilitates the pouring of adulation from all hearts unto the Lord.

Anamnesis holds every December and is well attended by believers from all walks of life; regardless of their denominational and doctrinal inclinations.

You can also participate online, on the Fountain Stream Mobile App (available for download on the App store (link for iOS) or Google Playstore (link for Android) ) OR at for AUDIO and for VIDEO.

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