Making Salvation Our Conversation

Text: 1 Corinthians 12:13-16

The Lord is daily unveiling beauty on this mountain of believers convention. Our sight is being reconfigured to see as the Lord sees. Although our Lord Jesus is a man, He is also a company. This is why He can be crowned with many crowns which were as a result of many overcomings (Rev. 19:12).


Beauty as it relates to service can be seen when all serve as unto the Lord. In Corinthians the Lord was talking about how the members of the body work in harmony to fulfil one purpose. All the members of the body can be said to be one body because of the law of unification that binds them. Charity is the law that binds us together. There is a beauty in the midst of our company that is unfolding and this is not as a result of the activities we carry out but as a result of the kind of mind- serving as unto the Lord that we possess. This is why it is easy to see someone who is not seen by all serving as though he/she is in the five fold.


One major milestone to be achieved in the company of Christ is to have one mind (Phil. 2:2). When this company started the conversation of faith, it was not easy because we were all at different points with different understanding but after companying for over 10 years there is a beauty that can be seen amidst the people of God as they possess one mind, the mind of faith. Just like this company has come into having the same mind of faith such that it enters all our conversation, we would  also come into the mind of the love of God.


It is easy to know that faith is the common denominator of this company because people strive to put it first, and grieve when they fail to do so. In the same manner that faith/Christ became the conversation of this company, salvation/God will also become the common conversation of the company. Faith is a design of life that is fortified against this world. It is on the platform of faith that salvation will be enacted.


Vanity came from heaven to earth when Lucifer fell. It is for this reason that man must overcome vanity. Vanity is not just what originates from the world rather everything Jesus had to overcome till He got to the cross is vanity. The giving of Christ to the church was given to enable the church to overcome vanity. The will of man is proved when a promise is given to man. A man who is able to prefer God even to the promise that God gives is one who has… God’s faithfulness cannot be measured by favourable circumstances, rather the faithfulness of God is in the life that Jesus lived. Jesus explained the faithfulness of God by the life He lived.


We acquire life through the things we go through. God gives life as we overcome vanity. It is one thing to be… The true definition of a man is that he lives on words as our Lord Jesus did. Man is expected to use words to break through vanity. By the time He arrived at the wilderness, our Lord Jesus had been trained to live on things from above. He was tempted with great beauty, yet he stood his ground (Heb. 4:15). By the revelation of Christ, the world has gradually lost its appeal to us as a company. Jesus meant what He was saying when he declared that man shall not live by bread alone (Matt. 4:4). This speaks of a journey to the point where man would accumulate layers of righteousness and peace till he can live by the glad tidings of God. A time comes when a secret work of peace would have been installed in us by reason of light. New men are being raised and beauty is evolving on the earth. The kind of men that are rising are being separate from the world as a result of living on words.


God is more zealous about His promises for us than we are. Vanity did not take God unawares and He has made provisions for us to scale through time. Jesus acquired an age that was beyond time. He pressed into a kingdom that had existed before time began (Matt. 25:34). As we receive things from this realm we are being made holy and blameless before him in love (Eph 1:4). As we fulfill the obedience that embodies godliness in flesh, we would be approved to be well-pleasing sons like Jesus was approved. It is this justification that calls for the crown of glory.


Many of our dealings are to give us the strength of charity that is able to bear with and cover the sins of our brethren (1 Pet. 4:8). Before us is an entrance in the spirit that is meant to bring down the conversation of love into our midst.

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