The Path to Entering God's Dominion (LSC)

Flesh is a conversation; it’s a product of sin. That conversation intends to make man flesh. Flesh is dust. The easiest way to make the devil exert his reign over man is to make man flesh.

Exhortation on Entering God's Rest (SOS)

The reason for taking us through faith, hope and charity is to make us spiritual men

The Mindset we need to have about Nigeria

Many people are filled with anger, fear, insecurity and resentment towards the nation. Some others have resorted to escape from the land. But our disposition as the Church of Jesus Christ in this nation weighs a lot in the realm of the spirit.

Understanding the Everlasting Father (SOS)

Everlasting life is the life of the Holy of Holies or the life of the Most Holy. The Most Holy life has two degrees of life - the first is everlasting life, which also leads to Eternal life (the second).

Understanding God’s Programme for the End Time (LSC)

It is when we are yielding or obeying the demands of the understanding that comes to us par time that we are profiting with light. Understanding comes by revelation and revelation comes to give us commandments that we should obey.

Becoming an Ark of God (CTP)

A speaking ministry is a priestly function (Heb. 12:25). The High Priest approaches His duty by words. Jesus is a priest of words; He does things by saying words. Therefore, we should be attentive to the things that the Lord is speaking.

Carrying the Promise with Weight (CTP)

God’s joy is that we are able to carry the promise. Therefore, we should not let our fire or passion for holding the promise to die out. We should carry the promise till the end.

The Ministry And The Conversation Of The Throne (CTP)

There are two manners of resurrection: the resurrection from the dead and the resurrection of the dead (Romans 1:4, Philipp. 3:11). Resurrection from the dead refers to the separation of the soul of a believer from the lifestyle of this world. This is because the life of this world generates a death or unresponsiveness to God. However, the resurrection of the dead refers to a state where a believer is further raised and saved completely in his spirit, soul and body. Such a believer will not have the tendency to die again.

The High Priest and Things Pertaining to God (CTP)

No man can love God by his own might; even the best of man can never fall in love with God. Men cannot ordinarily receive the things of God because it will require spiritual discernment to do so.

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