The Making and the Administration of the Bread of God (SOS)

Jesus is the bread of God. This means that Jesus was crushed into flour to be offered. Flour is baked to become bread. “Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Moses gave you not that bread from heaven; but my Father giveth you the true bread from heaven.” (John 6:32).

Another Insight into Everlasting Righteousness (SOS)

Serving righteousness is serving God. There is a righteousness of God to salvation, but there is also the righteousness of God which is salvation. A man who has very well served the righteousness of God will have his fruits unto holiness and have everlasting life at the end.

Labouring for the Bread that endures unto Everlasting Life (LSC)

There is more to man than his outward body. Man is a tripartite being; he has an inner man (his spirit), an inward man (his soul) and an outward man (his body). Satan has made the needs of the outward man look like the only need of man, but actually, the needs of man are more than that which pertains to the outward man.

The Manifestation of Everlasting Works (LSC)

The purpose of the Holy Ghost is to turn the body of Christ into a spiritual body that can relate to the person of Jesus, so that the body can have the capacity to see Jesus wherever He is.

The Purpose of the Precious Stones in God

To be caught up to God is to get God. It is when you have gotten God that you will then get His glory. When you have enough of God, the glory of God will rest on you. This is how you can partake of His glory; you must have been caught up to get enough of Him.

Partaking of the Bread of God

We should not take for granted the mercy of the Lord being constantly shown to us. There are two sides to this: the first is to take God’s mercy for granted while the second is to belittle what the Lord is doing because we look ordinary.

Eating and Becoming the Everlasting Bread

Ignorance is heavy in the realm of the spirit. The reason why Jesus intercedes for us who are out of the way or ignorant is so that we can begin to comprehend what we should know.

X-raying and Inheriting the Two Lights that are in God (WTV)

When God sends a good thing, what He is sending is light. God is the Father of lights (Jam. 1:17). "Every good light" means every Urim light, while, "every perfect light" means every Thummim light.

Seeing and Obeying the Laws of Ascension to God's Throne (WTV)

God has a throne upon which He and the Lamb sit and He wants us to sit on that same throne. Humanly speaking, it is impossible because sitting on the throne means being identical with the One sitting on the throne. The throne does not admit anyone whose nature and stature is contrary to the One on the throne.

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