Understanding the Glory of the New Testament (SOS)

The only image that is allowed for a man to make is Christ. However, Christ cannot be made without revelation. A man cannot, just by thinking on his own, make the image of Christ because Christ is not an idol. God has to keep visiting a man and downloading substances for making the image of Christ to him.

The Power of Doing the Heavenly Conversation (LSC)

The greatest assault on the soul is to trap the soul to mind things that are earthly. However, God is saying we should not tie ourselves to what is seen because what is seen will fade away. When God brings heavenly conversation, He is bringing what will make us immovable.

The Purpose of the Ministry of Glory (WTV)

To be brought to glory is to hear the wisdom of God. It is through the materials of the wisdom of God, which is in charge of the glory of God, that one comes to glory. What makes a man a peculiar person is the hidden wisdom of God. This is what makes a person glorious.

The Essence of doing the Commandment of Love (WTV)

We must do the commandments of love to cross into everlasting life. This is because there are commandments we must keep in everlasting life in order to overcome the dragon who is twisted against love.

The Conversation of Perfect Love (WTV)

There is no way God can bring us into the season of perfect love without speaking it (Heb. 11:3). By speaking it, He is framing and creating that season. The season of everlasting life is the season of the conversation of perfect love. However, if God does not speak it, we cannot enter into what He has not spoken.

Coming into the Realm of Perfect Love (WTV)

We are being born of blood in this season. Being born of blood is to be born of everlasting life. To be born of the water is Christ, but to be born of the blood is to be born of the everlasting covenant.

Placing Premium on Having an Everlasting Conversation (WTV)

When the Lord gives us wisdom and judgment, He leads us by the Spirit and gives us an opportunity to turn through teachings of insight. For example, first works and last works, when revelation and judgment are given to us, the Lord puts demands on us to live out the revelation.

Bearing the Fruit of Love in Conversation (WTV)

The Lord intends to make loving our brothers natural to us, as it is when we do things for ourselves. We do not struggle to meet our personal needs but we may not be able to meet the needs of others without giving it a thought.

Engaging the Commandment of Love in Everlasting Life (SOS)

There is a redemption that each conversation in God should bring to us. Our Lord Jesus has purchased eternal redemption for us, but believers have not yet received it (Heb. 9:12). This is because we have not engaged the conversation that will enable us to receive the redemption.

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