Death: The Pathway into Eternal Life (LSC)

(Hag. 2:7-8). The season of everlasting life is the season of making men more glorious than they can desire. We are in the season of heaven and earth being shaken (Heb. 12:26). The teaching of incorruption and everlasting life characterizes the season of shaking the heavens.

The Essence Of Seeking First The Kingdom (RH)

The reason the Father clothes and feeds the lilies of the valley is because they have no alternative. If He does not feed and clothe them, they will perish, unlike men who have an alternative to fall back to. We have an alternative because we have not yet divorced the nature that takes thought for our lives.

Disposition of the First Phase of Jesus’ Ministry (SOS)

When a believer sins and does not ask for forgiveness, that sin will have dominion over him after a while. The soul can be trained in such a way that one will not mind, even when passing unto hell. We should not train our souls after sin! Whenever we do wrong, we should learn to ask God for forgiveness. This is not just because of the pardon we receive but because it helps to keep the soul tender. The reason we ask God for forgiveness is not for God’s sake but for ours.

Unveiling the Inner Nature of the Eternal God and Everlasting King (LSC)

God is manifested in two forms: the numerator God (up division) – the Eternal God who is our refuge; and the denominator God (down division) – the everlasting God who is able to thrust out the enemy from before us. The everlasting arms are two entities: the living and the true God.

The Making of the Prophets of Eternal Life (SOS)

God Almighty loves growing prophets; He grew men like Abraham and Moses as prophets. The New Testament is also ordained to grow prophets. Apart from the office of the fivefold ministry, the growth of the prophetic nature is inclusive of the New Testament. Men like Abraham, Noah etc. were prophets, and this is not because they were standing in the office of a prophet like Isaiah did.

The Transition from Everlasting Life to Eternal Life (LSC)

(Rom. 5:21). The grace of everlasting life is the means through which we will cross into Eternal Life. This grace is a verdict of the Father that sin and death should no longer prosper.

Understanding the Way, the Truth and the Life (PM)

Ways are a result of continuous exercise. If an evil spirit causes one to continuously exercise in certain evil things, those things would eventually become ways. It is wise to avoid people who have exercised themselves in the ways of an evil spirit because you might lack the stature to properly handle the person with the infirmity. An instance is seen in Potiphar’s wife who had an adulterous way within; that was why Joseph needed to run.

The Ministry of the Messenger of the Way (WTV)

It is only one who has become Christ that will be delightful enough to seek the messenger of the covenant. The Messenger of the covenant has the ability to come to those who seek Him. The temple of seeking is the Sanctuary; it is a place of the burning light and fire. Seeking is a discharge of energy that turns those who seek into fire. This is what is described as serving the Lord fervently or with zeal (Rom. 12:11).

Deliberately Growing up in the Way of God (WTV)

The way of the Spirit is the way of meekness. There are realms in God that can only be accessed by meekness; this is why we must embody meekness to the fullest.. We must become nothing, having no reputation, so that we can enter into higher realms of God. When we become nothing – not having a reputation – a lot of things would go smoothly, and we would gain entrance. It is a law in the realm of the spirit. As we climb higher in God, we must ascend in meekness.

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