The Blessing of the Father’s Cup

God wants to make us a blessing. We have already been blessed in a measure because we have been made to wear the nature of the seed of Abraham. The new birth does not equate to being Abraham’s seed, it only begins the process of becoming Abraham’s seed.

Coming into the Covenant of the Father’s Cup

When discerning the Lord’s body, we are discerning what the body stands for and a cup of blessing that is attached to our discernment of His body (1Cor. 10:16; 11:29).

The Pathway to the Father’s Cup

God loved the world and gave His only begotten son. It is those who love Him in return that would receive the inheritance (1Cor. 2:9).

The Process of Escape from the Corruptible

God wants to raise incorruptible men; it is His original intention for making man (Genesis 1:26).

God’s Provision for the End of the World

The message of salvation would stretch and culminate towards the end of the world.

Partaking of the Mystery of the Godhead by Revelation

There are certain verses of the scriptures that the adversary targets because they are tied to our progression. Colossians 2:2 is one of such scriptures as its rendition has been much debated as seen in the different versions of the bible.

The Manifestation of the Everlasting Life

Before the soul would own eternal life as its own possession, it must be skillful in everlasting life.

Coming into the Separation of the Gospel of Christ

We have to be emptied of our former life for the cup of our souls to be filled with another life. The soul of man is a cup that houses life and can house two lives simultaneously unlike the cup of angels.

The Separation of the Father’s Cup

What played out at the Lord’s supper was a very powerful symbolism. The Lord was unveiling the New Testament and the Kingdom of God that is going to establish us in the inheritance.

Partaking in the Fellowship of the Father’s Cup

To abide is to continue. When one finds an abiding place, such a person continues and remains there.

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