The Holy Spirit's Work in the New Testament (RH)

To be a witness is to receive the testimony of a Man (Jesus) and allow that testimony to run your life until His life becomes your life. This power is demonstrated in the giving of the gospel (Rom. 1:16).

The Essence of Being Born of God (SOS)

The work of the testimony in the heart is to make the soul sure (Col 2:2). The testimony is a parchment and our souls are meant to possess and work it out. The Holy Ghost uses revelation to comfort our hearts.

Learning the Laws of Living and Abiding in Everlasting Life (LSC)

Nobody will be rewarded with the Throne without learning the law of living and abiding. The essence of everlasting life is to teach us the law of living and abiding.

Learning the Standard of God’s Righteousness (RH)

Revealed righteousness is an ongoing, increasing elevation of God’s standards for man. God elevates the standard of His righteousness in dealing with us and thereby, we are becoming the blessed of the Lord.

The Manifestation of Christ’s and God’s Kingdom (LSC)

The righteousness of the kingdom called Christ is faith, hope and charity. Charity is the holiness of that kingdom. Charity is the crown of it. Charity is the authority. Charity is the bond of perfection.

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit in Everlasting Life (PM)

There are two ministries that are key to everlasting life in the last time – the ministry of angels and the ministry of the Holy Ghost.

The Ministry of the Comforter (WTV)

The evidence of receiving the initial baptism of the Holy Ghost is speaking in tongues (Acts 2:1-4). That tongue was a teaching/doctrine at that level. By speaking in tongues, we are speaking a mystery that the Holy Ghost will send ministers to teach as doctrines.

The Vision of God (WTV)

We must know and agree that the world is not good at all. We must not love this present evil world because it is evil. The will of God and the Father is to deliver us from this present evil world. To accurately respond to the will of God is to be delivered from this present evil world and we can only respond to the will of God when we have understanding.

The Essence of Coming to the Father (WTV)

The opposite of loving the world is to love the Father (1 John 2:15). However, you cannot arrive at the Father if you have not journeyed using the Faith of the Son. The love of the Father is the life of the Father; it is the will of God which is His delight.

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