(MAY. 2019 WTV) The Apostle of God’s Face

In Genesis, God’s presence left the garden of Eden and lived under “the faces of Yahweh.” When Adam was still in the garden, there was no need for many systems that have now developed such as judges, lawyers, doctors and the likes, because man was in sync with God. The only needed resource for man in that time was the face of God. It is interesting to know that the healing gifts are as a result of the fall of man. If sin had not entered into man, there would be no need to repair anything, because all things were managed by God.


Even after the fall, the men in Genesis had no need for healing, because the dispensation of God’s face was still very much available. It was when man fell into demonic worship of idols that sickness began to prevail over man. The men in Genesis were stronger than demons, because they fellowshipped with the face of God. In these times what is presented as Satanic attacks are not satanic in the spirit. They are attacks from demons and evil spirits that have cultured the people. 


Africa, before the penetration of the gospel, was dark. We had fellowshipped so much with demons that we were dumb enough to regard an iron or a tree as a god. The Lord raised Apostle Joseph Babalola as a minister to deliver the nation of Nigeria from demonic worship.


In the beginning, God gave Adam charge over all things including the serpent. The only tempter that could access man was Satan. He used what Adam had dominion over to gain access to and spoil man. Demons could not infiltrate Eden, because they were not given the power to. It took years for demons to gain access to the earth. Cain did not kill Abel by demonic power; he did it by evil work. 


The world has fallen into depravity because evil spirits have gained so much access to men and speak through them. Laws of nations are being hijacked by evil spirits such that nothing is sinful before men anymore, just like in the times of Sodom and Gomorrah. Things that are sinful such as lesbianism and homosexuality are acceptable and no longer seen as a sin. It is a deliberate attempt of Satan to make the nations incapable of handling the word of God. 


Man fell from the face of yahweh, which was their preservation in Eden. The Lord is a Spirit, and wherever He is, the angels of the Lord are also present. The Cherubim are characterised by faces. These faces have been in God. He created them to show His many-sided nature. There is the face of a man, the face of an ox, the  face of an eagle, and the face of a lion (Ezekiel 1:10). These faces are spirits that are symbolic in nature.


These faces are portals of wisdom. The characteristics of these animals are keys of divinity. The faces of God are the manifold wisdom of God. Each of these faces hold wisdom. The beginning of Genesis was a season of the face. Adam was a being of God’s face. The Cherubim have been and are still “face” beings. The heavens and the earth are the works of God, but God blessed them with His face to enable the inhabitants of these terrains to have access to Him. When man fell, he gradually departed from the face of God.


There are certain things man has to do to open the portals for little spirits and demons to gain access. Although Cain was evil, there was no record of him being sick with smallpox, because there was no sickness. He operated in a realm higher than that of demons; he interfaced with spirits. The men of those days were higher than demonic attacks. However, there was a disobedience that man carried out to bring about the flood.


The earth could have existed without being destroyed if the primitives alone were on the earth. This is because they were ignorant, not knowing the way of God. And because they did not know the way of God, they did not deliberately go against it. The primitives sacrificed one another, not because they were evil in their hearts, but because they had been beaten down by demons and oppressed. Some of these same people, when introduced to the gospel, have the capacity to easily love God. Yes, there were some amidst them who were also evil in their hearts and had developed the capacity to reject God. 


These demons dull the minds of the man and communicate idolatry. There are aspects of the gentile life that are managed by spirits and there are some parts managed by demons. These demons teach men a manner of worship that is “gentilic” in nature. To shut the portals to demons, the doctrine of demons have to be stopped. Demons are sometimes referred to as devils. At times the spirit of some infirmities is a sophisticated demon, because these demons are in cadres. The way to shut them out is to teach the revelation of Jesus. 


Demons can produce a doctrine to remove faith from the heart. They, through their instituted priests on the earth, tell men to bring certain things for sacrifice. The prescribed list they give men is to instill a discipline of obedience to a demon in their hearts and remove faith from the heart. 


A heart, though born again, may not be able to believe God without offering a kind of physical sacrifice, not knowing that the pathway is faith and nothing else. The things that were taught in Africa were done ahead of time for a long time to prevent the hearts from being able to receive the gospel. 


When the gospel and education came, God used education to teach Africans how to read the bible. This was the beginning of freedom for the nations. When the Bible came to Nigeria, God knew that He had won the war, because in this same country a season of knowledge will emerge. The bible came to us when the time was right. Again, the bible came a long time ahead of the season of knowledge. We thank God for the men He raised for this cause. It is good to know that the bible is not the white man’s book or idea; it is the heart of God. 


When Jesus walked the earth, He healed the sick, the lepers and the blind. These infirmities are due to man’s fall from the face of God into demonic worship. The miracles that Jesus did were not the original intent of God for man. The success of God would be like in the beginning when His the faces of God were in operation. The earth will once again have to be governed by the face of God. It will be a dispensation of knowledge such that everyone will know God. The end of the book of Revelation is Genesis; the knowledge of God will be with every man. 


To understand the original dealings of God with man, we have to x-ray Eden. The dealing of God with man in the beginning was the dealing of love. In the beginning, man was not making any attempt to go to God; he was with God and in the favour of Him. The same measure of love that Jesus had at Jordan was what Adam had for God. Adam was a type of Christ. The face of God is unveiled in measures. The highest face of God is the face of love. Anyone who is in love is in Eden. However, these measures of love cannot be compared with the love in the New Testament.


God is bringing man into the final lap, which is the love of God. Jesus began as the beloved Son till he journeyed to being the begotten Son. The love of God will have to be pulled down from heaven and it will cover the whole earth. What we had in Genesis was the beginning, but the end will be glorious. This is because the end of the matter is better than the beginning. 


Another word for this love is grace. Jesus authored the path of coming into the fullness of the love of God. The way and manner in which God loved Him, who is the most loved Being, is the way and manner God wants to love man. We are coming into a season of having God reveal Himself to man. 


Love is coming. Grace is coming. This grace will first be trapped by a few men who will translate it to their lifestyle for others to learn of it till it spreads through the earth. Some men found grace in the sight of God; Noah found grace; Moses found grace. Moses knew he had found grace. That is why he asked God to unveil His glory. Beyond grace is the revelation of glory.

Jesus and the Apostles found the grace for glory. There are different measures of grace. There is the grace for faith, and there is the grace for salvation. Noah found grace and he built for salvation. In this generation, we would access grace not just to build Christ but to build for salvation, because God seeks a building to rest in. The grace that will cause us to build for God is the breakthrough grace. We must hold the grace for faith un-rebukable till the grace for salvation comes. The season that will usher in the season of this grace will bring forth favour and the operation of mercy. And of His fullness have all we received, and grace for grace (John 1:16). When we find grace it is time to walk with God. The being that brings this grace is Jesus (1 Pet. 1:13). If Jesus is not revealed, this grace will not come. This grace is not the grace that Jesus sends but one that comes at His appearance.

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