(MAY. 2019 WTV) The Path to Eternal Life

Text: John 17:1ff


It is humility to submit to the teaching of Christ. The revelation of Christ is for edification. There are principles which guide the inheritance of Christ, and they must be known, lest we fall short of the blessings attached to it. The message of eternal life is God’s project, and it is the inheritance of many. That a man is rich in earthly substance, or intelligent, doesn’t separate him from the flesh. The gospel of salvation is to all flesh in their various forms.


The essence of the coming of Christ is that man should have eternal life and have it more abundantly. Eternal Life can only be given through sayings. The words of Christ are spirit and life. Eternal Life is the very essence of God. It is very precious, for it is what makes God true. And this is what God has promised. This promise of God has been embodied by a man -- Christ Jesus.


A man will give up all when he comes in contact with Eternal Life. The experience is undeniable. It is that which will transform a man. The teaching of Eternal Life brings God to us in measures. The realm and attitude of eternal life is love. 


The milk of the word of God cannot be overlooked, for it teaches the principles of love that a man has to access to grow up spiritually. It will teach us to love the brethren and esteem them better than ourselves. One who is well fed in the milk of the word bridles his tongue. Many ministers had come into covenant with God by sacrificing everything they had, in spite of their shortcomings. They must be reverenced. When we are acquainted with the principles of love, we will not be prey in the hands of evil spirits to dishonour them.


When a believer is becoming harmful, he is going against the principles of the inheritance (Hebrews 7:26). Eternal life can not be inherited without the understanding of the doctrine of Christ.Understanding is an essential tool to participate in the doctrine of Christ. Making a covenant with Eternal life is to agree with the teaching of Christ. God wants to separate man from his covenant with death and hell, and that can only be done through the revelation of Christ. This revelation brings grace. 


There are salient principles of love that are made available in the milk of the word of God. The essence of the formation of Christ in man is bring him to a place where he could appreciate and receive the things of God. When God reveals Himself, we often cannot appreciate Him, because He comes in ways we naturally cannot comprehend Him. Hence, Christ has been given that we may be enhanced with wisdom to comprehend God.


Godliness is necessary for the attainment of Eternal Life. All things that pertain to life and godliness come through the knowledge of God (2 Peter 1:3). Without being godly, we cannot hope for eternal life. Therefore, there must be a raising of godliness standard to prepare us towards receiving Eternal Life. The epistle of Peter reveals that the knowledge of God is a learning that should be given to any man. The life of God can be accessed by all men, whether educated or not. The life of God is in spiritual understanding.


The leading of the Spirit cultivates patience in us. It is against the nature of man. Patience cannot be exercised by physical effort but by the leading of the Spirit. Itis a preparation for the attainment of heavenly inheritance. Waiting upon the Lord deals with a haste, which can rob anyone of the inheritance. It takes patience to change a man’s configuration. 


“Godliness,” “brotherly kindness…” (2 Peter 1:7) may sound so simple to the ears, but they are vital keys to entrance into life. These virtues can only be learned through the Spirit of God. Charity must be perfected; it is a prerequisite to entrance. A believer should abound in these virtues. Knowledge can only be fruitful through the giving of might, because entrance is dependent on doing the word. It is not enough to have revelation of Christ; it is more fruitful and blessed to abound in spiritual virtues.


Understanding gives grace. When a heart comes to understanding, he finds grace to do the pleasure of God. Spiritual virtues are key to laying hold of Eternal Life. Vanity makes a man harmful to his brother.

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