(NOV. 2019 WTV) Enduring Temptation for the Incorruptible

The trials that we find around us in this season is a manifestation of the love that God has bestowed on us. In this season we are being exposed to judgment because God loves us and we can bear it.


There’s a way a carnal man concludes things. Thoughts are what makes a man either carnal or spiritual. When God wants to raise us to Himself, He gives us thoughts from His realm. Our temptations and trials are evidence that we are waging a war between the corruptible and incorruptible. Our inheritance is incorruptible. We cannot lay hold of the inheritance with our former thoughts intact. This is why God comes to upgrade our thoughts.


To lay hold on the promise is to have both the Father and the Son. They are both Gods; they are both incorruptible. The warfare we wage is to lay hold on the incorruptible. Satan comes to tempt us away from the incorruptible. God has promised by an oath that He would commit the incorruptible to man. For this same reason, Jesus came to the earth. 


God allows trials and tribulations to sever the heart from the corruptible and enable us to place premium on the incorruptible. The incorruptible is our inheritance and nothing corruptible can be compared to it. God is more than the corruptible. The corruptible is so highly revered among men because it is men that place value on the corruptible as a result of lack of understanding. When God wants to help us, He commits higher judgement and understanding to us. 


When we are able to come to the understanding that we have a better and enduring substance that is incorruptible, then, we would rejoice at the spoiling of the corruptible goods. This is not to say God wants to take away everything that we have, rather, He wants our hearts to be rightly placed. God wants to bless us with priceless things that are more precious than what men value. 


The comfort we receive through our trials is an inheritance. God comforts us with realities of the inheritance when we are tried. We must be proved worthy of the incorruptible. When we are born again, we are first of all ushered into the training of faith. This is to help us develop a consciousness and trust in the word of God. This training is a necessary exercise because the incorruptible, which is the promise to us, will be delivered to us by words. 


The journey of our faith, from the beginning to the end, is a training to rely on the invisible. If the soul is not exercised in trusting the invisible, when the demands of the incorruptible are placed on it, it will not be able to bear them. This training first begins with the training of faith towards God. When this is done, we are ushered into a dealing of faith in the areas of our choices. One of the things that hinder our ability to wait on the promise is the way we think about time. One of the demands the promise will place on our minds is be patient against the normal timing of men. 


It is good to know that what has been promised us is timeless. Thus, we must be made ageless. The demands that are placed upon us are not to kill us but to make us capable of inheriting the promise. God wants to raise us incorruptible. The corruptible looks promising but it is still corruptible and will still pass away regardless of the value we place on it. If you place your life on the corruptible, it will pass away with the corruptible. 


God will only be the Father and God over those who place premium on the Incorruptible. The corruptible is for use, but it is to neither rule over us nor take center stage in our hearts. God created all things but He is not puffed up by them. It is this self same manner of approach to the corruptible He wants us to possess. This is why He deals with us in the manner He does.


When temptations come we should place them where they belong. Temptation comes by corruptible things. The things the devil uses to tempt us and the things we cry for are dung. We must overcome the pull of the corruptible understanding that out true life is incorruptible. 


It is either we win Christ or we win dung. What the devil tempts us for is dung. What we drop the incorruptible for is dung. What the world bows to is dung. Set before us this day is dung and the incorruptible. May we be strengthened to choose the incorruptible.

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