(NOV. 2019 WTV) Our Succor in Temptation

Text: 1 Peter 4: 12-13


The fiery trials have been determined and calculated to either try or tempt us. We are admonished to ‘think it not strange’. This is because it is not easy to do this. At times when we are in temptation, Satan likes to bring back our past so that we can question God in places we are not meant to. Our hearts, however, must be strengthened to not  take the thoughts that Satan brings. This is because once we do, we might not be able to recover.


Satan preaches through graphical images of thoughts. The thoughts that Satan paints to us are thoughts along the kind of life we would love to have. However, we should count the life spent in the days of our flesh as a seed. This means that our lives will not go the way we would want, because God wants us to see another kind of life. We would be shaken, tried, and purged to our roots to enable us gain access to eternal life. We should not be afraid rather we should desire to see the salvation that should be wrought in us as a result of it.


In the midst of trials there is a door of entrance waiting for us to pierce into. This is why we should count it all joy, not because everything is going on well but because we are being tried. One common thing about the epistle churches is that they were tried. However, in the midst of their trials, their faith and charity abounded. Our  ability to hold faith steadfast in the midst of tribulation is what brings heaven glory. The trials and tribulations we face are as a result of the word of God to which our souls have been exposed. God sees and judges differently from how we do. 


A successful man in the eyes of God is one who is able to endure trials and tribulation without drawing back. Anyone who is unable to do this is not counted successful. When we do not draw back, we are counted worthy of entrance. God is just and can only justify us on just grounds. This is why we must be counted worthy of the kingdom of God, and this is often through sufferings. We must suffer for the kingdom to be counted worthy of it. Thanks be to God because we have a High Priest who is able to succour us, because He was tempted in all points as we are now.


Do not faint in the days of your trail, tribulation and temptations; rather, take your eyes off them, because there is something to lay hold on. May the Lord succor, comfort and strengthen us in our seasons of temptation.

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