Preparation For Excellent Glory

The name ‘Hosea’ translates to God is Salvation. The tidings of God’s day are glorious thoughts that grant entrance only to those who have been faithful with Christ. Only those who “through patience continuance in well doing” make it into the realm of glory (Rom. 2:7). This “well doing” is Christ. When a man does well, a door of entrance is opened to him. Christ is the excellent way to the glory that excels, which is glory. The discipline required in Christ is to continue in faith till the curriculum of Christ is finished. The tidings of Glory (Eternal Life) can only find entrance into hearts that have done Christ well.


The New Testament is designed to make man glorified. The day of God is the day of His glory. Only one who has been trained to receive glory can be glorified. The Old Testament carried a form of glory (2 Cor. 3:11) which the Isrealites could relate with. The ministry of the Spirit communicates a path in Christ. The Lord Jesus inherited an excellent name after resurrection.


Glory is a product of formation. Jesus was shaped in the image of His Father (Heb 1:1-4). Jesus was made so much better than the angels who are excellent beings themselves. Therefore, warring against satan is warring against a being that knew the excellency of God and it would only take the revelation of someone with a higher testament to overcome.


We can not arrive at the knowledge of God’s kindness if we do not first put our trust under the shadow of His wings (Psa. 36:7). Under His wings is the name of righteousness that Jesus bears and uses for healing (Mal. 4:2). The actual healing power of the new testament is designed to heal souls because it is only healed souls that can transact with the glad tidings. In the world to come, this healing by the preaching of Christ will continue for those with resurrected bodies but lacking healed souls. We must have first partaken of the healing leaves of the tree of life before we can reach for the eternal life portion that is reserved in its fruit (Rev. 22:2). The name of righteousness is the healing that the apostles preached in order to train men for the light of God. Men must first trust in that name before they can use God well.


We must be thoroughly fed with the name of Christ till the yoke of our former nature is broken (Isa. 10:27). This yoke is a limitation we have come into by exercise in worldly conversations.


Empowerment comes by revelation of righteousness (Rom. 1:16-17). A soul that would come into glory must have first walked the path of life shown to him. (Psalm 16:11). A soul who partakes of the tidings of glory is able to leap into God. Glory is exciting and pleasurable, ecstasy. The tidings of God’s day are tidings of ecstasy. We are coming to a time when the pleasure and fellowship with God’s glory will be so evident that sin will lose its relevance. Those who have been satisfied with the fatness of God’s house will be introduced to rivers of His pleasures. The Day of God is the day of the fountain of His life; a fountain that does not end.


John in his epistles, taught the churches to perfect charity. Perfection of charity is a prerequisite to the revelation of God’s Day. The message of Eternal Life is only brought to a people who are learning Christ (1 John 1:5). Christ is the teacher of the vision of entrance into Eternal Life. He alone can bring a soul into the vision of God. The three persons in the Godhead have a message - God is Light, and that Light is Eternal Life.


John’s aim in the epistle of John was to bring the church to an estate where they would not sin (1John 2:1) to prepare them to receive eternal life. John’s audience were not unlearned in the doctrine of Christ. Thus, John went further to teach them how to expire sin completely, in order to enter the glory of God.


There are commandments of Christ and commandments of Eternal Life. The commandment of Christ is the revelation of truth. Truth as a law can only be held by the soul through the commandments of Christ. Truth must become an inheritance for any one who desires God's glory. God desires that the soul holds truth in its inward parts (Psalm 51:6). Without this, a soul can not fully interpret God. The commandment given for the Church to journey into the Day of God is the commandment of Christ - of a pure heart and a good conscience.


The new commandment is the commandment of love; a commandment to inherit God’s excellent name, which Christ inherited. Hate is not permitted in the Church now, it is a darkness that must be put away. Hatred is murder. No murderer will be given eternal Life (1John 3:15). God has made an oath to give Eternal Life to man, yet He is careful about whom He gives it to. Saints must do every commandment the Lord gives.


This edition of Believers Convention is an announcement in the spirit that is ushering the church into God’s day. As the tidings of God’s Day is being declared, there will be an emphasis on Christ for the perfection of charity. This is because Eternal Life can only abide in a heart that has perfected charity (1 John 3:15). Eternal Life is first installed as a law in the heart before the soul can walk by it.

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