Staying under for Understanding Faith

Text: Gen 3:1-7


We are currently in the advent of knowledge. There is an explosion of knowledge in the world and the Lord is also opening up knowledge in the church. Knowledge when not properly handled can be harmful. It is impossible for us to arrive where the Lord wants us to without His revelation.


The door that opened sin and death into the world of man was the picture that the serpent painted to Adam and Eve (Gen. 3:4-6). More so, the tree has the power to give a wrong kind of enlightenment and wisdom which are both alluring. Sin itself is an enlightenment that tampered with earthly knowledge altogether. As a result of sin’s introduction, the soul of every man could no longer relate with the earth purely. The whole earth came under a curse, that warped how man now began to relate with the things of the earth (Gen. 3:14). Normally, men were meant to understand God’s eternal power and Godhead by relating with the pure knowledge that God reserved in all of creation (Rom. 1:19-20). The scriptures bear records of various dispensations when God showed certain men the lights of Christ and of God by leading them through various earthly terrains. By the time we got born again, we were no longer in the right frame of mind that could receive such dealings as laid out in the scriptures because the spirit of wisdom and revelation did not accompany the new birth.


It is very imperative for us as young believers to have break-through in discerning the faith of Christ as laid out in the scriptures. Evil spirits are sensitive to revelation and have already put us in the frame of mind that will not receive revelation. As such, they only contend with those who draw nearer to the veil of revelation.


The back-end of the program that runs this world is sin and death in its revelational form. It is the faith of Christ that reveals and dissolves this work. Many evil spirits wage war against ministries that emphasize the revelation of this power of faith. Such spirits do all they can to blackmail and gainsay the work of revelation.


Certain centres are tagged ‘revelational’ without having the culture that primarily pursues after salvation to see its realization. What such centres lack is the right shepherdic sight that can follow through the progressive work of the true revelation of Christ. The right shepherdic grace may not stop the attempts of evil spirits, but it would withstand whatever may come as long as it remains under the right authority. We must have enough discipline to consistently stay under the right authority for the working of the spirit of Christ to be effectual within us.


The doctrine of Christ is very vast and each portion of that doctrine has its peculiarities. The portions of faith, hope and charity are going to be emphasized and rightly divided for us by the appropriate apostolic grace until we are very skilful at handling them. What stands in the way of us receiving the doctrine and without deviation is our former frame that had been worked by wrong spirits. We must be able to keep the “commandment without spot, unbreakable, until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Tim. 6:14). We must also bear in mind that it took great apostolic strength to originally lay down the doctrine that is being given to us.


As we continue in the doctrine with an earnest desire to lay hold on eternal life, our conversations become purer and vain ambitions are gradually put away. We must therefore desire to learn the culture of staying under. If we do this, we would not lack anything that the Lord may have prepared for us along the way including provisions, graces or even ministry. More importantly, we can be assured that we would not miss out of the promise that is ahead of us.

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