Inheriting the Way of God (WTV)

Programme: Writing The Vision (February Edition)

Date: Saturday, 18th February 2023



Transcript Summary


1. One of the things apparent in this season is that it is not easy to erase or deal with the ways in men. Ways are engravings in the heart which the carrier may not know the extent of its strength or its origin. Ways are strong; the strength of a man is his way. Ways are personalities and they are not easy to deal with.


2. Ways are hard to deal with. There are things within us that will respond to a call. A way is an inheritance to the soul and it is not for one to relinquish inheritance. There are ways within us that are not godly inheritance – they were inherited from the enemy of God. However, God is going to call out these ways that are not His because He wants us to inherit His own ways.


3. (Isaiah 53:6). This verse was not only talking to Gentiles, it was referring to the entire nation of Israel which in today’s context is the Church. Evil ways are not dealt with in us the day we give our lives to Christ. Also, these ways are not dealt with when we feed on the milk of the word. The preparation to deal with ways starts when we begin the tutelage of Christ. Christ will first bring us to peace before we begin to learn the highway of God.


4. For us to become a company of sheep, a conversion must have taken place. It is possible for a sheep to go astray. Being in a sheepfold does stop a sheep from going astray and this is the essence of the Shepherd –  to keep the sheep with His rod and staff until ways are corrected (Psa. 23:4). A people can be together in a fold but have all gone astray. It is the soul that goes astray because of the things it has. The sheep likes anything green and there are some grasses that can trouble the sheep. 


5. The enemy knows we are people of knowledge and revelation and he will tempt us with such.  Every revelation or knowledge that the heart pursues will become a way in that soul. Another name for 'way' is fountain. A fountain begins with an expression which comes forth by the giving of oneself to a particular knowledge. The evidence of knowledge to every soul is the way. When knowledge has not become a way, then a person has not profited from that revelation and knowledge. 


6, Our ways are an avenue for spirits to tempt us. Our way is our own personality and identity; it is our own being. To serve Satan is very easy – it is to just be oneself. To be oneself is a way. As such, we must constantly deny our ways. Our ways are woven together in self. Self is iniquity. There is a time we should be ourselves and there is a time we ought to deny ourselves. What God laid on our Lord Jesus was the iniquity of us all; He laid all our ways and selves upon Him. Satan customized each person’s self. The wicked departing from his way is him departing from himself.


7. We will not be able to escape our enemies if we are not taught the ways of God. What the enemy uses as an advantage is the fact that he has his ways in us. For us to be free from the hands of the enemy and from them that hate us (Luke 1:71), our feet have to be guided in the way of peace and we have to learn the way of salvation.


8. (Psalm 139:23-24). Our ways are in our hearts and it is only God that has the capacity to discern them. It is only God, who is quick and powerful (Heb. 4:12), that can x-ray us and show that, though we are sheep, we still have wickedness and iniquity in us. It will take the everlasting way to erase the wicked way. 


9. Jesus came, authored and finished the highway of holiness. He is the Apostle and the High Priest of our profession (Heb. 3:1), which is our way. This means that He will offer sacrifices for them that are ignorant and out of the way (Heb. 5:1-2). The fact that we are in this company does not mean we cannot go astray. We must therefore be under the Shepherd knowing that we have the propensity to go astray until evil ways are taken out from us and we inherit the ways and name of God.


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