Introduction To The Gospel That Belongs To Christ - Part 3

Dearly Beloved,

It may interest you to know that the first owner and the first being to preach the gospel was God (Rom. 1:1) and His first audience was Adam (Gen. 2:16-17). Unfortunately, the same disobedience that has become a norm today was what limited Adam from experiencing the divine life/eternal power of God’s Gospel which was packaged in the tree of life (Gen. 2:9c, Jn. 6:53, Rev. 22:2). Adam therefore could not morph into a higher order of spiritual life beyond that of The Living Soul (Gen. 2:71, Cor. 15:45b).

Adam understood the tough demands of the Gospel much more than most believers/ministers today. He was not just a Believer in stature but like Angels, was created complete, had Knowledge and wasn’t deceived like Eve was (1Tim. 2:14a). Adam understood the demands of God’s love, light and life and knew that he had to fight the Good Fight of Faith All His Life to lay hold of eternal life, and like believers still do today, he opted for an Adventure With The World which was subtly promoted by the tree of knowledge (1 Tim. 2:14, 6:12).

  • Through the disobedience of Adam:

1.    We have no testimony of the Faith of Adam in the book of Hebrews chapter 11, because Adam didn’t appreciate beyond the stature of the Faith of The Living Soul to the Faith of God which should have taken place by Obeying God’s Gracious Instruction. However, the faith of the living soul remains high and can only be understood when we put on the google of the epistles

2.    A kind of faith that would sustain men after the fall was later born, i.e. Faith Towards God, which carnal men could start and exercise while managing the natural with the carnal aspect of faith.

3.    A course was set for the reign of spiritual death and sin from Adam to Moses (Rom. 5:14) and it later took the dismantling and reconstructing of a vessel (i.e. Moses) and the ministry of the tabernacle/the ark for this reign of death to suffer loss while it ultimately took the death and resurrection of Jesus to totally abolish sin and death (2 Tim. 1:10).

  • Through the obedience Abraham:

1.    We saw an inheritance and testimony of faith called The Faith of Abraham (Rom. 4:16), as he kept faith while journeying out of an idolatrous/faithless background and attained the measure of the stature of Faith Towards God, thereby opening up a lineage in the spirit wherein Christ would come and man could inherit/partake of God’s Own Faith/Life.

  • Through the obedience Jesus (by the eternal Spirit):

1.    We saw the raw voltage of God’s life, power, nature and God’s express image in operation for the first time! The faith/power that ONLY belonged to and was only exercised by the Godhead was finally accessed by a man, a son of man, i.e. MAN EXPERIENCED GOD’S LIFE, OPERATED GOD’S FAITH FOR THE FIRST TIME AND GOD’S GOSPEL BECAME THE GOSPEL OF THE CHRIST AND COULD BECOME THE POSSESSION OF ANY SAINT THAT WOULD WALK LIKEWISE!

  • Through the obedience of another man (i.e. Apostle Paul) and other men (i.e. the apostles etc):

1.    We saw how the Gospel (i.e. God’s life/power) can become our personal possession and this gave the likes of Apostle Paul the audacity to say in Romans 2:16 “…. God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to MY GOSPEL” (i.e. God’s Gospel had become the Gospel of Jesus Christ and later Paul’s Gospel, Paul’s Life - Col. 3:4).

2.    We also saw how the divine life stored in the Gospel elevated saints into the fellowship of the beginning that was (i.e. John 1:1) before the beginning of Genesis 1:1, i.e. the fellowship of the Godhead which glorious angels and without sin can't partake of (1 Jn.1:1-3).

You may therefore agree with me that what God preached to Adam, Jesus and what he declared as a promise through many prophets (Rom. 1:2) over centuries was NOT the earthly provisions that brings and keeps many believers in church i.e. healing, prosperity, deliverance e.t.c. None of these INTRODUCTORY PROVISIONS OF THE GOSPEL was a need to Adam while God instructed him to settle for His Gospel and even afterwards!

Only God knows when believers, ministers, you and I plan to settle for the core Gospel of God, an operation that only starts when He succeeds in weaning us (Isa. 28:9) from the preeminent church meals and delivering us from what we know/call PROMISES/BLESSINGS (plural tense - Mk 11:23, Heb. 6:1, Lk. 9:1) so we can partake of THE PROMISE/THE BLESSING (singular tense - Heb. 11:39, 1Jn. 2:25, Ps. 24:5) of the New Testament before we drop our earth suit/mortal bodies.

With the eye of the Spirit and by the sure mercies of God, I can see a gradual migration of worthy seekers and loving enquirers from the Ephemeral Provisions of the introductory aspect of the Gospel (i.e. Heb. 6:1-2) which was simply designed to ADVERTISE THE GOSPEL to the Divine Provisions (Eph. 1:3) ordained to make us PARTAKERS OF GOD’S GOSPEL, i.e. the divine nature (2 Pet. 1:4)

Bless You!

Tayo Fasan

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