Light Up America 2019

A Generation Whom God Is Their God (LUA 2019 Calling!)

Dearly Beloved,

The gospel is coming again with the purity of power; it is smiling again unto the saints like it did in the early Church; it is making known secrets that was hid in God from the foundations of the world, because she must come into beauty and glory.

The Lord is coming into the midst of men's soul, and His knowledge would reach the very coasts of North America. He is coming to reculture the souls of those who have inherited/experienced desolation over many decades.

Some MUST enter into His (eternal) rest; even as many as would be sanctified by the faith that is in Christ Jesus; even those who have gradually lost their sense of drawing back; and therefore always rejoice in experiences that can foster the salvation of their soul.

The volumes of life that makes up the gospel must be taught/preached, until it becomes our inheritance; until we become a "men in Christ" and a many membered "Christ in God"; until we - unlike Adam and like Christ Jesus - transact with all of its commandments and overthrow the government of sin and death; and until the sayings, wisdom and temptations from the world and the god of this world, finally lose their value.

The Lord wants to move the Church from the introductory chapters of the gospel (Heb. 6:1c-2; 5:13), into the main/core chapters of the gospel (Heb. 6:1a-b; 5:14); from what we have known as exploits to the actual exploits of those whom God has become their God; after Christ has become the law of their soul; after His faith (power) has become their daily source of dominion over this world.

This (gospel) is the true light that nations dearly need; it is the enlightenment that promises to heal everything that went wrong with the genes/growth process of our souls; from our fathers/forefathers. So the Lord is offering this generation of saints, a rare access/understanding of His genetics, so that many can be empowered thereby to naturally interpret His walk; His Faith and Love.

The Lord would be empowering and adorning our feet for an unusual walk; He would be beautifying our walk by making known His 3-decade old conversation, and His gospel would become the inheritance of many.

Wyndham, 14703 Park Row Boulevard, Texas, remains the place. June 18th - 22nd remains the date, and Unveiling The Gospel remains the theme of Light Up America (LUA) 2019 Conference.


Pst. Tayo Fasan
For: Int'l Outreach Team

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