Light Up America 2019 Synopsis

Dearly Beloved,

If the gospel has truly been unveiled to the Church; if the actual content of the New Testament has been made known to an average believer today, then:

  1. The revelations of Christ and the conversations of godliness should have become as tangible and profitable as sin has been to not a few believers till date.
  1. We should have companies of saints who share the same definition and hope of (eternal) life; such that tallies with that of our Lord Jesus.
  1. Many should be naturally living by various measurements of the wisdom and power (i.e. dominion) that was found with our Lord Jesus for the first time, and also with other men of like passion like His apostles, etc.
  1. Many should have a fair grasp of the first dividend or inheritance of the gospel; the new man called Christ, who alone can seek and inherit God.
  1. The Church should have examples of men (who have been raised thereby), to buttress their messages from the bibles; even those whose primary/utmost goal in life is to secure the fulness of the gospel as their soul’s inheritance.




But the contrary is the case, because the gospel of Christ and of God is yet to be unveiled to many hearts like it was once unveiled by God through His Spirit, to our Lord Jesus, to Paul, to other apostles of the Lamb, and unto many others in the early Church.

It has therefore pleased the Lord to bring a fresh tiding and fragrance of the gospel, to the hearts and doors of the saints and Churches in Houston and environs; even via Light Up America 2019 Kingdom Conference.

Unveiling The Gospel is the theme for this year’s feast, and we trust the Lord that it would be an avenue for a new season to be open to all who would be gracing this annual conference.

June 18th - 22nd 2019
(Morning & evening sessions)

Wyndham hotel, Houston West Energy Corridor, 14703 Park Row Boulevard

Meeting Times
Morning Session (10:00am - 2pm)
Evening Session (7:00pm - 10pm)

NB: Group hotel booking rate remains $90 plus tax.

For: Eternal Glorious Fountain Ministry

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