The Burden of the Lord for #BECON23

"Believers’ Convention is an event that is tallying with something happening in the heavens. It is an occurrence of and from the Throne. It is an occurrence upon the Throne. That which this meeting is meant to land into, roll into and journey into is something that is Thronic, and that which is beginning to happen now is meant to dovetail with an occurrence of the Throne. 


It is a real time event of the Throne and for this purpose, I am sent from the Throne. I am sent to bring things, to unveil and open the scroll that would ladder you from here to the Throne and carpet you from here to the Throne. That which I would begin to give and that which I have been sent to bring would take you from now to the Throne. 


There is an event that should occur from the Throne that has a relationship with this year's Believers' Convention. Your meeting is meant to coincide with a Thronic event; an event of the Throne is meant to collide with your earthly convention. Therefore, I am sent to tailor you, guide you, jilt you here and jilt you there. I am here to guide your thoughts, that you may arrive at the junction wherein you will participate with that event upon the Throne. 


There is an event upon the Throne that would affect the movement of things upon the earth. This year's convention would be characterized by things, words and movement of the Throne that would cause a ripple effect. For this purpose, I am sent and I have things with me. I am bringing things from Jesus to you. Jesus, the Lord upon the Throne sent me. I am come from Jesus. I have come with a scroll, ladder and a body of thoughts that would take you from here to the Throne, wherein you will collide with Him and He (Jesus) by the Throne, will collide with you. There will be a ripple effect of events from your meeting, affecting the body of Christ and even nations. There is this event; it is a great event, but you are meant to journey to experience it."



Prophecy from Believers' Convention Prayer Meeting (11/07/2023).



  • Ebenezer Avatar
    Ebenezer - 2 months ago
    Hmm, wow.

  • Oladimeji Ajayi Avatar
    Oladimeji Ajayi - 1 month ago
    O Lord, help us to be counted among the number of people who will appear before your throne. We are preparing, waiting and hoping to receive what you have sent. We are waiting, Lord!

  • Juliet Julius jatau Avatar
    Juliet Julius jatau - 1 month ago
    Interested in becon 2023

  • Afolabi Emmanuel Avatar
    Afolabi Emmanuel - 1 month ago
    I want to register for becon 23

  • Agbebiyi Victoria Avatar
    Agbebiyi Victoria - 1 month ago
    Show me Mercy to know how to journey to experience this event too!!

  • Or'El Avatar
    Or'El - 1 month ago
    Thank you Jesus... Show me mercy Lord Jesus to receive your coming 🧎🏾‍♂️🥺🤲🏾

  • Okere Charles Avatar
    Okere Charles - 1 month ago
    Thank you Jesus

  • Moses Victoria Avatar
    Moses Victoria - 1 month ago
    Help us O Lord.

  • Eliel Ambrose Avatar
    Eliel Ambrose - 1 month ago
    Have Mercy, Lord Jesus. Come. Come, Lord. Come🙇 Mercy that we may not be absent from your coming. Grace to be wise virgins. To have oil.

  • Iremide Olayemi Avatar
    Iremide Olayemi - 1 month ago
    Amennnnn, Lord please help to enter all that you have prepared for us

  • Gagbe Aletile Avatar
    Gagbe Aletile - 1 month ago
    Lord help us to journey to your throne

  • Oyetoro Oluwayomi David Avatar
    Oyetoro Oluwayomi David - 1 month ago
    Wow. Thank you Jesus. Lord, Help me to journey to experience this event

  • Maima odeh Avatar
    Maima odeh - 1 month ago
    Thank you Jesus.. For my heart I pray will be set ready to receive from you..

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