The Essence Of Seeking First The Kingdom (RH)

Programme: Revelation Hour (RH)

Date: Saturday, 4th March 2023 



Transcript Summary

1. One of the things that was lacking in the audience Jesus was speaking to in Matthew 6 was faith (Matt 6:30). Some of us are still part of this audience: some are migrating to a place where faith can be a new norm, while some are moving from faith into the everlasting kingdom. The breaths behind Matthew 6:24-34 are meant to be embodied. Many people will not understand these verses even after having reading them, until they can read them in our lives. Presently, there is a disagreement with how God ordained man to live out his life on earth. There is a covenant with hell and death that has not been broken. This covenant will be broken when the lines and precepts that surround the various stones in Zion (the tried stone, precious stone and the sure foundation) are laid in a soul (Isa. 28:16). The order of life that we have known was not so in the beginning. The scriptures counsels us to sow in righteousness (Hos. 10:12), because every other seed cannot break that covenant and make us free. 


2. A believer cannot consider the Apostle and High Priest of the profession of faith until he considers the lilies of the field (Matt 6:28). God is asking as many in our company, who have not yet carried the seed of faith to term, to consider the lilies of the valley and the fowls of the air; they are a school for us to learn from. The Hebrew church had prospered in this school and had become like the church in Rome who had kept faith with the doctrine, after they had considered the lilies of the field. (Rom 6:17) "But God be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you." The form of doctrine that was delivered to the Romans was a seed which conferred a dominion on them, that delivered them from sin and their enemies. To obey that form of doctrine is to consider the lifestyle that can be found among the lilies of the valley. (Matt 6:28).


3. There is a growth that will come by the grace of faith. When a person has acquired that growth, such a person will struggle to take thoughts and will cease from being under the dominion of sin. By this growth, we will be delivered from our enemies who are against our coming into the formation of Christ. (Col. 2:6-7) Christ is a kind of life that we are seeking in God. By walking in Him, we will be rooted and built up in Him; we will no longer share the nature that is in Gentiles. (Col 3:2-4). In the realm of Christ, it took a lot of waters (word) for God to help many to set their affection on things above, and to disengage from minding earthly things. Colossians 3:4 is referring to Christ who is seated on the throne. That appearance is to deal with what limits Christ from displacing His enemies from our midst. The reason He is seated at the right hand is because His enemies are still in our midst and He is not done with writing His laws in us. 


4. The reason the Father clothes and feeds the lilies of the valley is because they have no alternative. If He does not feed and clothe them, they will perish, unlike men who have an alternative to fall back to. We have an alternative because we have not yet divorced the nature that takes thought for our lives. In other words, Christ is not yet fully our lives -- we have not yet entertained all the appearances of Christ. It takes the Holy Spirit to show man the true appearance of Jesus (John 16:14). The reason we struggle to relate with the emphasis of the spirit -- things everlasting and eternal -- is because there is an obedience that is yet to be fulfilled. There are some fears that will never be crucified if we do not know how to sow into the spirit. The same way a carnal man knows how to sow into the flesh or how investors know how to spectate and sow into natural estates, we should, in like manner, be persuaded about our economy in the spirit. 


5. It is children that can live without taking thoughts of their life. The season when children lose their innocence and become adults is when they become aware of themselves. The reason birds of the air attract the attention of the Father is because they are like children. When a child starts taking thoughts, he loses his innocence and becomes an adult. Many children these days are adults at hearts; they know how to consider and spectate, unlike the lilies of the valley. When they are really children, every concern about their care is their parents’ to bear. When a child begins to calculate and speculate, he has become aware of a life that he is not meant to know. What accompanies this knowledge is a fear that will make him depend on human wisdom.


6. It is a blessing to get to an estate where one does not take thoughts from the rulers of the darkness of this world. By virtue of seeking the kingdom of God and its righteousness, we will inherit a nature that will make us entertain pressure from the gates of hell. (Matt 5:11) “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake”. Many of the men in Matthew 5:11 are unreasonable men that have ties with evil spirits. Many of them are used by Satan to hit beloved sons of God when they are about to be made perfect as their Father is perfect. Such men have profited from the profit that Satan profits; they have come into death in a measure and have what it takes to revile. The kind of men that will revile beloved sons have a negative stature in everlasting life. Such men are an offence to the Lord (Matt 13:41).


7. (Matt. 18:1-4). It is in fully receiving the Kingdom that Jesus will find His way into our midst, and our enemies will be dislodged from our midst. Some heard the word of faith at some season and after a while, the weight of seeking the Kingdom dawned on them. Similarly, God is raising a company who will seek a higher dominion than the dominion of faith. The gospel of Christ installs a machinery that can unconsciously bring down thoughts. We will be weary if we have to combat every thought, hence, God has to graft a nature in us that automatically brings down contrary thoughts. We are meant to use the knowledge we are being given to burn the bridge of the road back to flesh. Teachings are meetings and avenues to gather the knowledge of the glory of the Lord; and that knowledge has to be fully digested so that we will no longer take thoughts from spirits. 


8. What helps us not to take thought is a strength. The season when strength will be increased is when knowledge is embodied; it is the season we move from seeking the Kingdom to setting our affections on things above. When we begin to seek first the kingdom of God, we are seeking that which would raise us to become prophets of the New Testament. We need a prophetic nature to ignore thoughts and live on words. God is bringing forth some words for us to live a higher nature that will enable us confront the evil of our day. The revelations of righteousness and the knowledge of glory are what our minds are meant to be preoccupied with. As long as our minds were not preoccupied, the enemy can bring other thoughts for us to be preoccupied with. Thus, we miss an opportunity to demonstrate what it means to be wiser than our enemies. In this season, God wants to resurrect the thought of God into our midst. For the thought of God to be our predominant thought, we must have set our affections on things above.


9. This is the season when we will experience the addition of “all things” because souls have abounded in grace. Souls have gathered enough humility or contentment in the promise of life and so the enemy can no longer tempt us with the additions God will bring. There are some additions that God will bring that may still tempt us because things that the Father calls true glory has not yet become a possession to us. We need to lavish some energies of the soul to seek that glory and own it. It is with the weight of this glory that we can handle the weight of additions. To handle additions, we must be prepared to live how Jesus lived by being content with God as a promise. Our Lord Jesus was satisfied with having only God, but this is not the case with us. We want God and other things, whereas other things are contained in God. We want the promise of everlasting life, but our eyes are still on other things, not knowing that the way to have other things is to make sure that our eyes remain on the promise of God.


10. Many of the knowledge that is coming our way need to be processed to become a way/manner of life. The spirit of that knowledge needs to be embodied. We need to delight in the commandments that will accompany all that we are hearing until we can embody the law. When we embody the law, it is the law that will be responding to every thought that a spiritually wicked spirit or the devil himself will bring. The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus in a soul is the law that will be taking care of thoughts coming from such class of spirits.



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