The Operation of the Horn of Salvation (RH)

 Programme: Revelation Hour (RH)

 Date: Saturday, 15th April 2023



Transcript Summary


1. The interruption of the life of Zechariah changed an entire order (Luke 1:18-20).  For that to happen, He needed to understand and come under or submit to a different operation that would bring forth a new reality. Likewise, we should allow the activities of God to make us entire so that we can submit to His order. Change of seasons is necessary to give the understanding required to steward the order/process of God. Zechariah is of the order of the Aaronic priesthood, but he jettisoned his own order for an order that reckoned with David, thus, elevating the house of David and not the house of Aaron. He declared that a horn of salvation had been raised (Luke 1:69). He was able to identify that a divine government was coming, which is tied to the redemption of his people. Zechariah spoke of the new order of priesthood. The leading of the Spirit should take us beyond ourselves into the activity of God. The extent to which we are able to birth God’s intent on changing seasons depends on our ability to plug into the spirit. Hence, the necessity for the prayer of understanding.  


2. There is a need to learn the disciple of the leading of the Spirit until it permeates every aspect of our being. The activity of the Spirit from within us works with increased activity of knowledge and understanding. The leading of the Spirit cultures the soul to connect its personal dealings with the understanding of the prevalent influence of God over the Church. At the elementary stages of the leading of the Spirit, we ask God to lead us to find our spouses, job, etc., but with growth, we build a culture of the Spirit — a culture of obedience where knowledge and understanding can thrive.


3. “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” (Isa. 9:6). The program of salvation that is in God is so real and formidable. As such, He creates a system and government to administer that salvation. This system is first a system of His ways. Horn is a government/kingdom which speaks of a way to connect to the salvation that is to come (Luke 1:69). Jesus came under a new order to sit on the throne in a different format to administer salvation; He was given judgements and resources to administer the things of God. All the names listed in Isaiah 9:6 speak of different realities of God that Jesus would champion as the horn of salvation. Jesus was a man who was not schooled in the learnings of the law, but heaven raised Him in a way that He would be able to fully custode and administer all these realities. 


4. As we relate with the Person of Jesus, we will understand that He is the horn of salvation. Jesus was still in the womb when Zechariah prophesied of Him – at the birth of John – as the Horn that would deliver His people, and John was to play a critical role in that new era of redemption (Luke 1:67-79). The custodians of the law could not offer instructions to help Israel relate with and receive the redemption that was on its way to them. Therefore, John had to learn, operate and steward a government for God's people to make a transition into. What God has given sometimes looks abrupt, and makes us sound unconventional. This is similar to how John the Baptist was abrupt and quick. Such quickness offends the existing philosophy. John had a heritage of priesthood but left that heritage to become something that others could not relate to. The activities of John created a platform that made the coming of Jesus thrive. We should be able to submit to such abrupt seasons of God over our lives so that He can use them to further His purpose. 


5. We should also trust God to come to some level of clarity. As God deals with our hearts, light is meant to beam on our hearts so that we can come to God’s predetermined end. Jesus referred to John as a burning and shining light, but he came to bear witness to the light (John. 1:6-7). Jesus is that light that John bore witness to. In a natural sense, light is something that helps us to clearly define things. Similarly, when Jesus came as God’s light, He came as an express standard to make men appreciate the realm of God. But it was recorded that His own did not receive him (John. 1:11). 


6. The Lord Jesus is the completeness of God’s standard for salvation. He is not just aware of some parts of God’s resources; He is aware of every knowledge that pertains to the life of God. So when the authority to govern came upon Him, it just flowed easily. Jesus is exalted, not just because he can destroy and make alive, but because He has the intelligence of God. He is aware of God’s light and life and can seamlessly operate them because He has learnt God’s ways. This is what our activities of learning are meant to achieve. Our learning is not meant to make us unidirectional; it should represent the many-sided wisdom of God.


7. When we speak of Christ, we are not referring to the Person who is seated on the throne but an allocation that God gave to us. The “Christ experience” at new birth is not enough because it is not the fullness of His person. As the Son of God, Jesus was clearly exalted above all angels (Heb. 1:4). Jesus is the one managing all resources, including the ministration of angels because He has the intelligence to do so. Many of us are only aware that Jesus has angels that are working for Him, but we do not realise all the operations that go behind the scenes and this puts a limitation on how much we can receive. We also do not realise that there is a system of government that angels play a role in. When God’s servant (Reverend Kayode Oyegoke) recognizes the presence of angels in meetings, he is not worshipping them; it is because he has been trained to recognize dignitaries in the spirit so that he may properly receive from them. Many of us often disconnect in our minds when God’s servant is speaking of angels because we see it as esoteric and cannot yet relate to it. Our horizons must open up to see all that God has made available for us because angels have been raised to minister to us "who shall be heirs of salvation" (Heb. 1:14). 


8. The will and ego of man can abort the programme of God. This is why we need to stand with God and make sure His program is fulfilled. The people of God must continue to pray because we are in a season in which our birthing process must be fully fulfilled. It took the intercession of some of the people in Jerusalem to make sure that God was showing up to interject all the activities of Satan.  They provided support to make sure that the will of God prospered and Satan was hindered. We also need to stay in the place of prayers so that the purposes of God will be fulfilled in our land. As we join forces with the agenda of God, we are going to see God prevail and the horn of salvation be exalted in our nation.


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