The Transition from Everlasting Life to Eternal Life (LSC)

Program: Lekki Soul Centre

Date: Wednesday, 22nd February 2023



Transcript Summary


1. (Romans 8:19-‬21). The answer to the freedom of the creature from corruption is the release of the sons of God. God, in His infinite mercy, has to reveal sons. This is necessary to bring a hidden hope to pass. Corruption perpetuates and holds down creatures through its bondage, and it is also not easy to see/discern corruption. Deliverance from corruption comes through the delivery of a new atmosphere or new thoughts.


2. The entire creature (creation) is run by a thought. Satan is warring in the spirit to hinder the thought of God from taking over our atmosphere. And we need God’s thought to be planted in our world and take over our atmosphere; until then, we cannot say we have deliverance. The thought of deliverance, which lies in the mind of Christ, must come back to creatures and be prevalent.


3. Jesus is free, saved, and He is not in corruption. This means He is higher than corruption. Many angels did not follow corruption when Satan spearheaded it, but the smell of corruption still stained heaven. Hence, Jesus had to move the sacrifice upward because heavenly things also had to be cleansed (Heb. 9:23-24). God is raising a workforce against corruption – men harvested from the earth who will be higher than heaven, and will be able to solve heavenly problems. The sons of God would be instrumental in accomplishing God’s desire to change the thought pattern of mankind.


4. The kingdom of God is not heaven nor is it planetary; it is a sphere of dominion surrounded by spirits. The kingdom of Christ is "small life", while the kingdom of God is "great or abundant life". To abound in life is to move into a great life. Wherever sin abounds, grace abounds much more (Rom. 5:20). This means that there is greater grace for every measure of sin. Sin is not faster or stronger than grace. The sons of God would open the vista of grace. The world of grace is a realm of liberty, glory and power.


5. Sin is the thought pattern of an angel that fell. Grace is the fountain of the thought pattern of the Creator. To have liberty is for men to be set free from their wrong thoughts. The grace of God alienates us from what has hitherto plagued our souls. Grace is not a pardon for sin alone; it is the flow of God’s strength. Sin is a dominion or a life that operates with a force called the law (1 Cor. 15:56). The law is the code with which sin was written by Lucifer. Sin could ride on the law to multiply but it cannot use grace to abound.


6. (Rom. 5:21). The grace of everlasting life is the means through which we will cross into Eternal Life. This grace is a verdict of the Father that sin and death should no longer prosper. All manner of work was done by the adversary to shield men from seeing and experiencing grace. When some people hear this message of grace, the first thing they try to analyze is how it will put food on their tables. Such fleshy/carnal expectations resulting from a wrong design of hope in men are the things that prevent the flow of grace.


7. (Rom. 6:20-22; Rom. 8:1-2, 6-7). The solution to man’s problem exists in a Kingdom whose dominion drives a cause that stops the corruption and death of man, thereby setting him free. This is the gospel. One who is free can be subject to God’s law; it is such a one that can serve God. No man is free from sin except he has served Christ. To be a servant of Christ is to serve the law in Christ.


8. (Matt. 6:26-30). God is able to feed and clothe us; hence, we ought not to be preoccupied with what to eat, drink and wear. Being preoccupied with such thoughts can steal our service, thereby ridding us of the spirit (law) of God. The law of God should do more than set one free from the law of sin and death; it should also give salvation. A man is saved when he can no longer be brought under the bondage of corruption through the thoughts Satan propagates. 


9. Every spirit has the potential to give life. There is a program of life contained in a spirit. Obedience to what a spirit demands is what would fetch a man the life that a spirit wants to give. Service to God has a beginning which ends in everlasting life. Everlasting life, through righteousness, gets one to Eternal Life. Eternal Life is a spirit; it is a gift. One must have obeyed everlasting life and borne fruits thereof to gain Eternal Life. To be without fruits means that the law of God has not become your service. When one has served the law of God very well, it will end up producing everlasting life. This is when God will call for the corn (bread) of heaven (Ezek. 36:29). 


10. (John 17:2). Jesus wants to give us the corn which is His bread, His life, and His way. Eternal Life is a spirit; therefore, it is a way. It is not the end; it is a way to the Tree of life. Every tree has its life, which is its path. As such, the tree is the seal of the life. One who has the way will get to the tree. It is this way Jesus said no man has seen or ever thought of.


11. "Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honour and power everlasting. Amen." (1 Tim. 6:16). Those who would have Eternal Life must first be products of everlasting life. It is the gift of God to the prophets who have served God. The phrase “ whom be honour and power everlasting” shows that without everlasting life, we cannot reach the light of immortality, which is also the way of immortality. This light is unapproachable, which means no one can journey to it because it is not seen – there is a flaming sword which turns hither and thither (Gen. 3:24). The flaming sword is a teacher of the word of Eternal Life.


12. (1 John 5:20); "And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent." (John 17:3). The "true God" is everlasting life, while the "only True God" is Eternal Life. The phrase “...Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent” connotes that you need the "true God" to get the "only True God"; that is, He is the door/gate to Eternal Life. A journey begins when a soul arrives in the only True God; this is because great things await anyone who gets to that junction. We must not let anyone cheat us from giving ourselves to this cause; this is what we have all been waiting for. 


13. (Romans 2:7). Eternal Life is higher than immortality, which is the tree of everlasting life. Until we get to God’s own immortality, we cannot get Eternal Life. Immortality is an end/seal of any life. Immortality in the King James Version of Romans 2:7 means incorruption, perpetuity, purity, sincerity, or unending existence. Everlasting life also has immortality, but a lower measure of it – like the 'immortality' referred to in 1 Timothy 6:16, which means undying/deathlessness.


14.There is a tree of immortality at the end of everlasting life. Jesus also called Himself this tree when He said, “I am the true vine…” (Jn. 15:1). The vine is an immortal tree. So, the true vine is an immortal life of everlasting life. We have to get here to cross into Eternal Life.



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