The Upside-Down Kingdom



An Introduction

At a certain time appointed by divine ordination, the earth received the news of a foreign Kingdom that was coming. Even though this Kingdom had been even before the world began, its dominion had never found an avenue for expression on the earth until the coming of a Man. This was He who had the grace to import all of the constituents of the Kingdom into Himself, for this Kingdom sought and established its place in men and not in any physical structure or establishment on the earth.


This Kingdom was nothing like any other – it has nothing of human strength or wisdom involved in it. Little wonder the Man Jesus who acquired it as an inheritance was divine, even though blind men thought Him strange and eccentric. This Kingdom came from above, from a world different from the world of men. A natural dominion became threatened by its news – a foolish king with a little mind who thought that there would be an unseating of him from his throne; he had not known how different this reign was from his — a Kingdom unseen to the eyes of men. Anyone with its key could rule right under Herod’s nose, and he wouldn’t know. 


The key to this Kingdom were words – truths/wisdom of a life or dominion from another world that were not at par with any earthly or natural wisdom, reality or philosophy. This Man Jesus had uninterrupted access to these words and walked the earth a King – a King of a Kingdom which was to displace another kingdom, not of Herod’s or any other natural kingdom, but a dark reign which had intricately and subtly woven its way into the hearts of men. 


Unfortunately, this dark reign, perpetuated by the enemy called Satan, ruled over everything and everyone on earth – both the highly sophisticated kingdoms and systems of this world and those in the lowly places alike. But this divine Kingdom would displace the kingdom of darkness in the hearts of men. 


Never has there been a time like this on the earth, a time of great violence against the hellish gates that have withstood men’s ascension for so long; for the coming of this Kingdom would shake values, stands, philosophies and ideologies sold to man by the enemy – stances that have endured for thousands of years. But the seed of the Kingdom, though small and despisable, is potent enough to uproot the establishment of the enemy’s dominion on earth.


This Kingdom is sure, steadfast and immovable. Its conflicting truths seem like they turn our world upside down, even though they are just positioning it properly. This Kingdom stands against everything the world stands for; they don’t see eye-to-eye at all. Hence, the world sees it as an upside-down Kingdom, for it takes a deep plunge into the debased world of men, saves them, and turns them upright. Then, it is no more upside down to them who are saved but to them that are without.


This is the first of a series where we will be exploring the Kingdom of God and the things it entails or constitutes. We pray that you will be blessed by them all. Amen.


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  • Stephnie Nwaiwu Avatar
    Stephnie Nwaiwu - 1 month ago
    ๐Ÿ™ Amen

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    Munachi Nwaiwu - 1 month ago

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    Ephraim Daniel - 1 month ago
    Wow โค๏ธ! I love this approach and truly it is. I look forward to the continuation.

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    Sonia Terry - 1 month ago

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    Chiamaka Gazi - 1 month ago
    Amen ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ.

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    Kate Richard - 1 month ago
    I'm So blessed by this article..

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    Chiamaka Gazi - 1 month ago
    Amen ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ.

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    Solomon - 1 month ago
    Kabaya!!!! Thank You! Thank You!!

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    Jude Anyalebechi - 1 month ago
    This is a great blessing this morning. Thank you

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    AJ4Short - 1 month ago

  • Adetola Emmanuel Avatar
    Adetola Emmanuel - 1 month ago
    Such a beautiful, short yet captivating piece.

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    Ruth Emem - 1 month ago
    Hallelujah ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ.

  • Osisiogu Ngozi Catherine Avatar
    Osisiogu Ngozi Catherine - 1 month ago
    God kingdom will surely overcome satan own.

  • Debby-Peace Avatar
    Debby-Peace - 1 month ago
    Thank you so much for this. I was so blessed! God bless and increase the editorial team in Jesus name, Amen.

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    Akindele Abimbola Blessing - 1 month ago

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    sylvia Banda - 1 month ago

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    Wow! Wow! Thank you!

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    Damilola Shotayo - 1 month ago
    Amen! I can foresee a wonderful series of truth unfolding!!!

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    Oluwatobi Badejo - 1 month ago
    Amen. This is a huge blessing

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    Amen! Grace!!!

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    Ezekiel Grace - 1 month ago
    Hmmm Such a great light! Thank you Lord

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    Blessing Gbemi - 1 month ago
    Amen ๐Ÿ™ this is eternal life

  • Nkem Ohen Avatar
    Nkem Ohen - 1 month ago
    Such an enriching piece! God bless the editorial team.

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    Nkem Ohen - 1 month ago
    Such an enriching piece! God bless the editorial team.

    KELLY AJELAIWE - 1 month ago

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