UK Believers' Convention 2021 (Day Four Evening Session) - Speaker 1

Date: Saturday, 28th August 2021

Ministering: Pastor Ken Eyanohonre


In John 4:5-24, Jesus interacted with the woman of Samaria by the well and called her a daughter of Abraham. This was not because of her natural heritage; it was because Jesus could see her connection with an inheritance that hung over her which she knew nothing about. Therefore, Jesus introduced a conversation by what she thought she had. This woman had a strength she could hold on to -- the water. The water meant a lot to that community and generation because it was connected to their father, Jacob. It was an inheritance for them. 

Water was an important resource that had a lot to do with the sustenance of the people. It was also a cause of strife and contention amongst the Israelites. Isaac kept digging wells because those around him strove with him, until he dug a well he named Rehoboth – one where there was no longer strife (Gen. 26:22). Jesus used the water as a reminder of what was to come. The Samaritans amid so much societal challenge held on to a natural resource as water; but Jesus came on the scene to give them something more.

Although the Samaritan woman came to the well to draw water, there was a deeper cry in her heart for worship. She could not interpret worship but she longed for it amidst her realities that had torn her apartas seen in her mismarriage to five husbands. Knowing the kind of culture they had then with strong religious emphasis, the woman must have undergone a lot of hardship being promiscuous; but there was still a longing/hunger hung within her heart. This says a lot about the human soul: regardless of how confusing or degenerated the soul looks, there is still an activity of hunger that is locked up inside it.

God in his mercy brought Jesus to connect the woman with the wisdom in the life He has ordained. Jesus came to her asking for water to drink but she was holding up the laws that brought division between the Jews and the Samaritan. Satan by division (in races or social classes) not only desires to establish people in their pride but also wants to shut up people from accessing God’s mercies. Therefore in our generation, God will raise us with eyes that are visionary, to see beyond the facade men have locked themselves in; to see the connection and help them find the drink which Jesus offers. 

Jesus said to the woman that if He gave her from His drink, she would not need to come to the well any longer to draw water. Jesus spoke figuratively because she had no understanding of the everlasting life. She was to receive a water that would then lead her to the well of everlasting life.

In John 4, we see Jesus using the provision of water to connect with God’s eternal purpose. Jesus spoke of a water that springs forth unto everlasting life. Everlasting life is the provision of God that a man should partake of. The disciples came into the reality of this experience. The living water which Jesus offered to the woman was to make her truly come into everlasting life.

Jesus used different allegories to describe God’s eternal purpose. The living water is an allegory of the water of life flowing from the throne of God (Rev. 22:1). Jesus carried the water of life while He was on earth. He carried it enough for men to see; He connected hearts to that reality. We must understand how God will connect people with His provisions.

God will heal the nations through men of great understanding who have aligned themselves to God. Though men are vulnerable and weak, many have been able to connect between God’s eternal realm and our frail realm, just as Jesus did with the water at the well.

Although the woman of Samaria was a little sarcastic, the Lord was patient with her. Likewise, the Lord will raise us as a people who will be compassionate. It is such a compassionate heart that will be able to bear the water of life. As we are being healed from this fountain, He will also enlarge our hearts with wisdom and compassion so that we will be able to connect hearts that are broken to this fountain of living waters.

The activity of healing is critical for worship. God wants to set up a stage for true worshippers to emerge. God instituted a mode of worship for the Israelites but after a while, flesh set in. Jesus came to heal the soul so that a new generation of worshippers will emerge. God desires that men worship Him. The giving of the law in the Old Testament, including the killing of animals as a form of worship, was only a prototype to the true order of worship He desired. Thus, what God is doing is to raise a new order of worship by the ministration of the leaf of the Tree of Life. Man does not fully understand who God is, that is why he creates his own reality (definition) of worship.

One other thing Satan has done is to strengthen the will of man. This hinders the soul from submitting to the will of God for the purpose of worshipping God. Thus, there is a need for the retraining of the will of man to obey God. This is how a man can worship God accurately. What God is doing in healing the nations is to set up a new breed of worshippers. The woman of Samaria desired to be in a home and be loved, just as many are today. There are many who have been abused by the experiences of their lives and they are locked down from expressing the will of God. However, the mercy of God is prevailing.

The Lord is bringing healing to hearts who have become offended at God. Through the activity of the leaf of the Tree of Life in this dispensation, there will be a breaking forth of the reality of God across the nations. Many men are miles apart from the reality of God because of their own reality. Men are scattered across different realities, exhibiting the fracture that has taken place in the soul. God will begin to set up trees of righteousness whom He has raisedmen who will be portals through which others will be able to see the realities of God.

"And there shall be no more curse: but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him: [4] And they shall see his face; and his name shall be in their foreheads. [5] And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever." (Revelation 22:3-5). This Scripture describes the state of those whom God is raising; they will grow up to a place where curse cannot be found. Curse operates as fear, dismay and lack (Jer. 23:4-5). These are things that will be dealt with in our souls as we are being healed. The healing we are referring to will turn us into servants of God as the fullness of life bursts forth with great fruitfulness; and the taking away of curses and limitations from men will occurr. Servants of God are those who have skill for service; they understand God's ways and can reign with Him on the throne.

As God carries out healing, He will first have a first fruitthose who will understand what is required of them and submit to the process. They have a stake in the life that the Father wants to give. God will bring so much healing by giving us understanding in this season.

"And this is the will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth  on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day." (John 6:40). There will be a phase of raising men to see the Son; and through them, the Son will be seen. This will mark the beginning of a new dispensation upon the earth. The learning of Christ by men will set them up as ensigns of righteousness upon the face of the earth, through whom God will be seen. They will propel men to begin their own journey and teach them to believe in the Son. They will become gateways and portals for men to see everlasting life.

May we take our place in our response to God and also see to it that His purpose is fulfilled in us. May we be counted among the new breed of worshippers whom God seeks to raise upon the earth. Amen!


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