Understanding the Way, the Truth and the Life (PM)

Meeting: Tuesday Prayer Meeting (TPM)


Date: Tuesday, 21st February 2023



Transcript Summary



1. There are still some skills in the strong meat of the word that we do not yet have. We will not properly move into Eternal Life if we do not gather enough skills. This is because the word of Eternal Life is vast and some kind of brightness is required for us to properly navigate the eternal realm. This is why we must gather wisdom and be deeply rooted in our understanding of everlasting life.


2. The love of God is the true dimension of truth. God, who is our Father, is True. To be true is the highest realm in everlasting life. The true portion, dimension or bar in God is love. Jesus is called the Son of the Father in truth and love (2 John 1:3). The everlasting King is both the true God and the living God (Jer. 10:10). There is the living God and the true God (1 Thess. 1:9). The living side of God is "truth" while "love" is the true side of God. 


3. Ways are a result of continuous exercise. If an evil spirit causes one to continuously exercise in certain evil things, those things would eventually become ways. It is wise to avoid people who have exercised themselves in the ways of an evil spirit because you might lack the stature to properly handle the person with the infirmity. An instance is seen in Potiphar’s wife who had an adulterous way within; that was why Joseph needed to run. 


4. The name ‘truth’ is a spirit. Similarly, ‘love’, ‘true' and ‘grace' are spirits. When ministering spirit, grace is being ingrained in our hearers (Eph 4:29). The spirit of faith is the way of faith (2 Cor. 4:13). If faith is a spirit, it means truth, love, and peace are also spirits. Sin is the opposite of grace, truth and life. Death is also a way found in the adversary. These are ways that seducing spirits want to perpetuate in souls. For example, the doctrine of devils speaks lies in hypocrisies. Devils can give lines, even from the pulpit sometimes. When some people are possessed, they become more subtle and wiser than the rest. This means subtility is a way. 


5. Everlasting life is a manifestation of a way and a demonstration of the spirit. Grace is a measure of life; it is the quality of life. God has moved beyond precept (knowledge); He is now equipping us with His things. Precepts are the beginning of our awareness of what God wants to do within us, and there is a great blessing in it. Through it, we can see and have knowledge. However, we do not yet hold life. To lay hold of life is to touch the life of the spirit by obeying a way. 


6. Our Father has a way in Him that makes Him cause rain to fall on the just and the unjust (Matt 5:45). Way answers to way. It is when a man has the posture of a way that he can call for blessing. Being poor in spirit or having a contrite spirit is a way, and it is a sacrifice (Matt 5:3). God will not bring blessings upon us when we are not making sacrifices in our hearts. The Kingdom of heaven is a way and it is life. 


7. We cannot enter into any aspect of the gospel without having a way in us. Fasting and prayers are good but a man does not come into the way of the spirit by them. This is because fasting and prayers are not ways but acts. It is our heart that can operate in a way. One of the greatest gifts of the heart is that spirit can be put inside it. It is when a spirit is put inside the heart of a man that such a man can do the program of the spirit. We cannot remain the same when truth (spirit) is put in us and we use it. 


8. Some people try to break into immortality by confession. A heart may confess but not understand the way of a particular promise. When mercy finds us, it will favour us and in turn train our hearts. When we do not obtain mercy, we will remain the same for ages – nothing will happen to us until He has compassion and mercy. 


9. Some people have a wrong heart and lack the arrangement for God to cut a covenant with them. God made a covenant with Abraham via his sacrifice. When arranging the sacrifice in Genesis 15:9-11, Abraham placed them upon one another according to measures. Afterwards, birds of the air came. Birds only come when a sacrifice has been laid properly. The birds came because they knew that God would come in His own time. They fought Abraham so that when God comes, He will not have a path to follow. This means when God comes to cut covenant with a man, He does not walk on bare ground but upon sacrifice. 


10. Every sacrifice has a voice. Those whom we are sacrificing to can hear us. In our various homes, we must be careful not to keep anger. The Bible says we should not be bitter (Col. 3:19) because it is a sacrifice for evil spirits to come into a place. Spirits only need to put things like wrath in us to keep talking and then keep us in bitterness.


11. Abraham created lines with his sacrifice. This in turn made a path. This means every line is a tool for a path. What Abraham sacrificed were the things in his heart. These were things that God demanded of him because of how He wanted his heart to be arranged. 


12. (Genesis 15:17). God wants to make a covenant with the tablets of our hearts. Our hearts are the altar of sacrifice while the sacrifices are the spirits that will be put in our hearts. We must keep them. The covenant that God wants to cut with us is the everlasting covenant. The world of everlasting life is a stronger battleground and a realm for confirming heirs. It is the place we arrive at, and where God comes to make a covenant with us. The season of covenant is the season of pleasing God. The covenant/law makes a man ready for life forevermore (Ps. 133:3), which is the blessing. 


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