Unveiling the Greatness of God's Dominion (RH)

 Programme: Revelation Hour (RH)

Date: Saturday, 1st April 2023




                                                        Transcript Summary 


1. Daniel 7 illustrates the carnivorous description of kingdoms that will reign on earth. It also figuratively describes the herbivorous nature of the dominions. The kingdoms in Chapter 7 x-rays the successive rise of dominions; from the golden dominion to silver, to brass, and then to the kingdom of iron which eventually degenerated to iron mixed with clay. The first three are carnivorous in nature, and the fourth kingdom has the characteristics of one of the dominions of the beast (Dan. 7:7; 20-24).


2. "By the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast sinned: therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God: and I will destroy thee, O covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire." (Ezek. 28:16). Although Lucifer has been removed from heaven, he remains a threat against the mountain of God. He finds his way into any constitution of God's mountain. He does not want God’s mountain to be built because he will be expunged by it. His final destruction will pertain to him being destroyed from the midst of the stones of fire, and the Lord will accomplish this. The dragon and his agents are the spiritual wickedness in high places. These agents are the constituency of the stone of fire that is always around him; they are the kings of Persia. It is not easy to get to Satan; you have to get them first. The kings are equipped to interpret and translate the intention of the dragon; they do nothing else but serve him. 


3. The tail of the dragon drew down some spirits which are the stars of heaven. The stars of heaven are not referring to men who are popular on earth; they are evil spirits. Stars were part of thrones and dominions. Thrones and dominions are angels of the Court of the Lord; they are “Levites”. They are the angels in the cadre of the brazen region of God – the kingdom of brass. A man is not set to access dominion if he has only accessed the iron of the kingdom. In the same way that the metal is a representative of Satan's dominion, it also represents the dominion of God.


4. “For brass I will bring gold, and for iron I will bring silver, and for wood brass, and for stones iron: I will also make thy officers peace, and thine exactors righteousness.” (Isa. 60:17). This scripture is not talking about the natural transaction of change in element; it is talking about change in nature. Gold, silver and iron are representations of the dominion of the Father. Iron is a dimension of God’s kingdom, else there would be no such thing as the rod of iron (Rev. 2:27). We see these in Satan’s dominion but their lustre would have degenerated. But in God, they generate from iron to brass, to silver, and then to gold. What Satan calls gold is different from God’s gold. God wants to bring us to a place where we become gold.


5. There are many kinds of gold, like Adam who is the gold of earth. Adam degenerated from gold to iron mixed with clay because corruption fought his gold. Gold typifies something everlasting. The kingdom of brass is the Court of the Lord. When a man is in the iron kingdom, corruption is not completely gone. To be a brass is to enter the kingdom of God on earth. The hierarchy of spirits in the heavens is also metals. The gold on earth is different from the gold in heaven. Also, the gold of the world to come is different from the gold of the present heaven. Michael and the other spirits are golds but they cannot be compared to the gold that Jesus will give us (Rev. 3:18).


6. Satan found golden men and he worked on them till they became grass (Isa. 40:6). All his dominions were set to eat flesh or grass. Satan achieved his flesh mission in Genesis 6 – a time when men became grassy and fleshy enough to be fed on. However, God raised man back up when he saved eight souls (1 Pet. 3:20). What God wanted to do was to give the soul its value back. All those who were taken by water were flesh; the people who were not taken were actually saved – there was a salvation of the soul that they experienced. God did a preservation in man such that it would be difficult for him to be cracked. God is not just interested in harvesting men and taking them to heaven; He wants to use His Savior nature to get the value of the soul back. God’s intention is to make man finer than gold; this is the restoration of man’s value.


7. It is only God that can bring value back to man because God is a builder. Satan is a destroyer who has eaten us so deeply, but God will begin to bring healing to souls. Nothing can take out the worms inside souls except the gospel. There is nothing the gospel cannot kill. The worms of "sin and death" and the worms of "hell and death" are all laws. Any nation-building without God’s healing and saving capacity is a putting together of a can of worms. A lot of economies seem to be working but in truth, they have worms. There are laws (that generate worms) being raised in those countries. God is going to break down men who are bringing up laws that are not human laws originally.


8. To deal with such laws, nations must be beaten into shivers as the potter beats the vessel. This is why we need the gospel of the rod of iron (with authority) that will break down kings (Rev. 2:27). The kingdom of God is advancing. All these dominions that harm souls are being master-minded by Lucifer and his kings, but their time is almost up. The dragon and Michael will fight, and the dragon’s place will no longer exist (Rev. 12:7-9). This is the preaching of the glad tiding. It is the answer and help to mankind. The gospel is not less potent today; this is because it is the product of the only Potentate. Satan fought the gospel for thousands of years and replaced it with other things. Nonetheless, the gospel is still standing. We have found the gospel and we should never let it go. The gospel is the restorer of our values; it is the only thing that can cut down the reign of those empires that Satan set in place. 


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