The Right Heart for Believers’ Convention 2023


When the date for an event is made known, it is expected that preparations begin in earnest for it. It is also an established fact that the bigger the event, the bigger the preparation; and so if preparations are not commensurate with the weight of the event, such participants would not get the best of that event.


Imagine going for an examination without a pen, or traveling to a very cold place without winter clothing? That is ill preparation that would yield fatal results for such a person. The ten virgins all knew of the coming of the Bridegroom, but while half of them had oil in their lamps to see, the other half slacked in this preparation and missed this great event (Matt 25:1-13).


But what could have gone wrong with the unprepared virgins? They had surely gone through a level of sanctification in Christ, if not, they would not be called ‘virgins’. So, what happened to them? Were they distracted by the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, or busy struggling with offense with their brethren? Something else had surely kept them busy from meeting with the Lord when He finally appeared.


The coming of the Bridegroom was a very important event that would determine the lots of the ten virgins in the Kingdom, but five of them forfeited this blessing by their unreadiness. The Lord has spoken expressly that there is an event upon the Throne that Believers' Convention 2023 is coinciding with. We cannot afford to be ill prepared like the five foolish virgins. We must get oil in our lamps to see the Bridegroom, that is, prepare our hearts to receive all that the Lord has for us in this holy convocation.


There are many ways we can get our hearts ready for this great feast. While some might be as the Lord leads us, others are common wisdom for safety. Let's see a few below:


  • Believers’ Convention begins way before the main event— faithfully follow the preparatory prayer meetings. 
  • Pay attention to every teaching and preaching in this season.
  • Prayerfully prepare your heart and mind in your personal time.
  • Needs can be distracting to the heart. Worry less about needs, rather cast your cares upon the Lord. 
  • Pay attention to every word of prophecy in this season, as they are for our edification, comfort and exhortation. 
  • Satan will try everything to stop you from being blessed and one of his effective tools is offence. Be careful not to allow offence stay in your heart at this time.
  • Sow for Believers' Convention; partner with the Lord for this great feast.
  • Register and attend the meeting in person. If this is unavoidable, start preparing your streaming gadgets early enough.
  • Be an evangelist; tell everyone about Believers' Convention 2023.
  • Make sure to obey every instruction of consecration in this season. Be spirit led!

If we do these and more, surely an abundant entrance would be ministered to us at Believers' Convention. 

And if you haven't read the Burden of the Lord for BECON23, click on this link ( to read it.


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Ogungbemi Deborah Aderanti Avatar
Ogungbemi Deborah Aderanti - 6 months ago
Thanks for sharing sir🙏

Olatunji David King Avatar
Olatunji David King - 6 months ago
Thank you so so much sir.🤲🏿🙏🏾

Gagbe Aletile Avatar
Gagbe Aletile - 7 months ago
Thank you sir

Gagbe Aletile Avatar
Gagbe Aletile - 7 months ago
Thank you sir

Femi Olayemi Avatar
Femi Olayemi - 7 months ago
Thank you so much.

Ruth Emem Avatar
Ruth Emem - 6 months ago
Thank you so much

Eniola Adeyemi Avatar
Eniola Adeyemi - 6 months ago
Thank you so much for this blessing🙇.

Mustapha Tobiloba Avatar
Mustapha Tobiloba - 6 months ago
I was greatly blessed, Thanks for sharing

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