Daring to Believe (Part 3)

What makes us belong to a company is determined by what we feed on. Our meal is what makes us of the same fold. A person might be in a fold but eats a different meal from another fold. He will eventually end up leaving to join the fold that serves the meal that his soul delights in.

Daring to Believe (2)

Love is required every step of the way to God. 1Pet 1:22 says that, after we have loved the brethren with unfeigned love (with Christ's commandments), we ought to love one another AGAIN with a pure heart fervently (with everlasting commandments).

Daring to Believe (1)

In all of Biblical history (from the Old to the New Testament), salvation was never established upon the so-called good deeds of men, but by the good old way of ‘believing’. Salvation always comes to those who hear the clarion call pertaining to a paradigm shift in the spirit or a certain move of God, believing such and acting in obedience to the instructions that accompany such move or shift. Simply put, salvation is the assurance of a soul's security/safety by his moving according to God’s timing or program. We can deduce from this that salvation is not for those who like to 'tabernacle', nor for the faint-hearted. It is for those who are ready to walk, run and eventually mount up with wings and fly into eternal salvation (Isaiah 40:31). We will be taking a peek into the lives of believers of old, how they heard instructions from God on how to save their souls, and how they moved with fear when God moved, to escape into their refuge.

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