Episode 5: Handling Marriage with Truth (CFW)

Some believers get into a whole lot of mess with regards to their marriage, and some even end up in divorce because the heart has not been circumcised.

Episode 4: Diligence in Keeping the Commandments (CFW)

One thing that characterizes a diligent student is soberness. A student who aims at graduating with a first-class does not go around partying everyday; because such a one knows that he/she is in school for a season and if that season elapses, and he/she was not diligent with his/her studies, such would not be counted amongst the best upon graduation.

Episode 3 - Home Training: A Kingdom Culture (CFW)

Charity begins at home. It will make it easier for the gospel. A soul who is stubborn at home will also be stubborn in the church. God does not want a rebellious heart; hence He arranges situations around us to break us and make us serve others.

Episode 2: The Danger of Pride (CFW)

A man that is of a low estate does not know pride because he has not known height. One might think of himself as meek or humble until some privileges or honour are accorded him; when he comes into some positions and experiences glory, not even in the world but amidst the saints.

Episode 1: The Levels of Meekness (CFW)

Pride in the heart gives rise to inordinate ambitions. We want to be famous because we only think about ourselves; wanting to be seen, heard and held in high esteem.

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