Practical Ways to Having a Clean Slate

So many instructions have been coming our way through our parents in the Lord concerning the issue of offence at this time; we must take these instructions to heart if we must prosper in the divine light that is being shed on us.

Episode 5: Handling Marriage with Truth (CFW)

Some believers get into a whole lot of mess with regards to their marriage, and some even end up in divorce because the heart has not been circumcised.

Episode 4: Diligence in Keeping the Commandments (CFW)

One thing that characterizes a diligent student is soberness. A student who aims at graduating with a first-class does not go around partying everyday; because such a one knows that he/she is in school for a season and if that season elapses, and he/she was not diligent with his/her studies, such would not be counted amongst the best upon graduation.

Episode 3 - Home Training: A Kingdom Culture (CFW)

Charity begins at home. It will make it easier for the gospel. A soul who is stubborn at home will also be stubborn in the church. God does not want a rebellious heart; hence He arranges situations around us to break us and make us serve others.

Episode 2: The Danger of Pride (CFW)

A man that is of a low estate does not know pride because he has not known height. One might think of himself as meek or humble until some privileges or honour are accorded him; when he comes into some positions and experiences glory, not even in the world but amidst the saints.

Episode 1: The Levels of Meekness (CFW)

Pride in the heart gives rise to inordinate ambitions. We want to be famous because we only think about ourselves; wanting to be seen, heard and held in high esteem.

A Clean Slate: the Answer to Offence

We have been wining and dining with incorruptible substances at this juncture of our journey to salvation. This is because God wants to make us everlasting beings who will be rewarded with eternal life in the end. But the enemy of our souls, who is out to impede us, has a mechanism for stopping men on their way to everlasting life. That mechanism is a strategy called 'offence'.

The Faith of the Son of God (Part 1)

Faith is the power or energy to live in obedience to the word of God in hope of a promise which God has made.

Do not Break that Routine!

Why do our thoughts deviate to other things when we are trying to focus on accomplishing a spiritual exercise routine such as praying or studying the Bible? Why is it so difficult to stay focused on things that edify? Wicked spirits made it so.

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