A Higher Walk

The principles of the doctrine of Christ enunciated in Hebrews 6 :1-2 were familiar to Jesus even those who were not believers and the writer of this epistle is obviously by the lack of spiritual progress of Jewish believers.

Walking Beyond The Anthem of the Norm! - Part 1

I found grace to fetch a burden last week after weighing the great disparity between that which the natural estate of the eye/mind of a believer has been accustomed to as a norm in Christianity and that which only the Eyes Of The Our Heart (if accessed/exercised) would appraise as being at variance with God's eternal Counsel on The Wisdom Ordained for His Church.

Introduction to the Word of Righteousness – Part 2

There is a Word that empowers a believer to live by God’s approved way to live in the flesh; even from faith to faith. That Word is the next allocation for the soul of any believer that has used and been wean from the elementary (milk) principles of faith. That Word is called the Word of Righteousness

Love - as Defined by God

Love is a consuming fire. And to be loved by God is to be consumed by Him in the pure passion of his will. The Love of God in this level is death - death to flesh and self. Man ends and God takes over.

Suffering unto Everlasting Life (PM)

Sons cannot be brought into glory except God reconciles them unto "all things". There are different grades of “All Things” – at the realm of Christ and at the realm of God, but they are all for God and by God (Rom. 11:36). For the sake of "All Things", the Captain of the sons who will be brought to glory had to taste death and be made perfect through sufferings.

Understanding the Works of Everlasting Life (LSC)

The servants who John was writing to were the seven churches in Asia. The revelation of Jesus Christ was given to John to give to these servants of God. In other words, the writings of the book of Revelation are to the seven churches (Rev. 1:11).

Unveiling the Power of Eternal Life (SOS)

Before Jesus’ coming in the flesh, no man has been able to receive the material called the anointed one - Christ. Christ is a man that is set apart from men and with whom God can relate. The entire intent of God with - and for - man is encapsulated in Christ. Jesus is the anointed one, not because He performed miracles, but because He gives God pleasure;

Fervent Love; the Way into the Everlasting Life (RH)

To come into life and peace is to come into a state in our soul, whereby there is nothing that stands as an offence to God. This is a place where our hearts are no longer offended by what God's standards spell out.

The Making of Prophets by the Incorruptible Seed (LSC)

Outside the external manifestation of the gift of prophecy, there is a secret nature that makes prophets who are keepers of the sayings of the book.

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