Gaining Entrance into Life Everlasting (RH)

Everlasting life is God’s own life; it is the life of the Holiest of all. Therefore, it is a realm we have to tread with a lot of fear and trembling. The revelation of everlasting life is the revelation of the secrets of God, which are with them that fear Him (Psa. 25:14).

Grace for receiving Everlasting Substances (PM)

We must possess enough spiritual sense not to make a fuss about things. To make a fuss out of issues is to misbehave in the spirit. We must not be comfortable with anger and discord; we must outgrow negative garments of confusion and anger. We must free ourselves from evil spirits and not allow Satan to set up confusion in our hearts against our brethren, which will lead us to take a wrong action against them.

Learning the Path to Everlasting Life (LSC)

God’s business is to give life and He gives it to men continuously. God is life, for He has life in Himself (John 5:26). He is so magnanimous that He wants to give man this same quality of life that He has in Himself.

Understanding How to Receive Everlasting Life (SOS)

Every law will cease to be a law if it is no longer alive. Every law has life and every life has light, which is the knowledge that it gives. Every life must have expression and expressions are powered by laws. One cannot access the law of a life without engaging or learning its light

Thoroughly Believing in the Light of Everlasting Life (RH)

The issue of fear should be taken more personally. The reason why we do not yet have fear is because another fear has not yet been displaced in us. It is the revelation of Christ that will displace the fear of the enemy in us.

Fear; The Prerequisite for the Giving of Everlasting Life (PM)

The giving of the everlasting gospel (Rev. 14:6) is the giving of grace, but it does not appear as grace when we hear it. It seems like ordinary words being spoken, but when these words are received in their order and alignments, grace awakens.

Obeying The Laws of Perfection in Everlasting Life (LSC)

When light shines on our wrong formations, it is so that we can agree and align with it to break those formations. There is no formation that the devil has formed in a man that the power of God cannot break otherwise,

Obeying the Laws of Perfection in Everlasting Life Pt2 (SOS)

The promise God has promised us is everlasting life and He is very determined to make good His promise in us; as we know that God cannot lie. It is a privilege to know what He wants to do so that we can cooperate with Him readily.

Serving God with Reverence and Godly Fear (RH)

Grace has different faces by which it manifests. Soberness, gravity, and patience are all expressions of grace. Grace does not just refer to the energetic aspect, whereby you are engaged in activities. It is also that which can put you in a position where you can respond accurately to God; even by serving Him acceptably with reverence and godly fear.

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