Giving of Things that make for Life and Godliness

The foremost aim of the gospel is to raise men from the dust and cause them to sit on the throne. Any gospel that does not accomplish this is not correct.

The Inheritance and the Reward of Eternal Life Part 2

God brings understanding to raise us up to the pace of the programme of redemption which He is doing amidst men. There is a wisdom that is used to lay truth, even though it may not be understandable at first.

Journeying unto the Incorruptible

God desires to bring us to the place of incorruptibility. One of the characteristics of the inheritance is that it is incorruptible. This is where God desires to bring every believer.

Heart Disposition to Hearing

There is a manner by which the Lord deals with every minister and He deals with the five-fold ministries differently. The dealings of God on each part of the fivefold ministry (Pastor, Teacher, Prophet, Evangelist and Apostle) differ.

Being Born of God by the Incorruptible Seed

Christianity is not for healing and meeting of needs; such things have been before Jesus came. The issues that currently trouble us are not the essence of Christ’s coming. There is a provision to solve the problems that the fall brought to the earth but Christianity was designed for a purpose greater than all those. Christianity is designed to meet the need of God.

The Purpose of the Learning of Christ

The coming of the Son is intended to give us life (Christ) and abundant life (Eternal life). At first, we can only take life to a measure after which we can then go on to have eternal life. The project of God is to give eternal life to man, and we must complete this project. An incomplete project is one who does not end up inheriting eternal life.

Understanding the Sanctification of the Incorruptible

The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus is the spiritual law (Rom 8:1-4). It is those who walk in the spirit that can fulfill the law of righteousness that is in the Spirit.

Obtaining both the Eternal Inheritance and Reward

The realm of the father and God are both eternal. The Father is the eternal inheritance in eternal life while God is the eternal reward in eternal life.

The Heart’s Attitude to Receiving the Inheritance and Reward

If we do not come to doing things and thinking the way God does, we will not come into our inheritance speedily.

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