Making Salvation Our Conversation

Although our Lord Jesus is a man, He is also a company. This is why He can be crowned with many crowns which were as a result of many overcomings (Rev. 19:12).

Preparation For Excellent Glory

The tidings of God’s day are glorious thoughts that grant entrance only to those who have been faithful with Christ. Only those who “through patience continuance in well doing” make it into the realm of glory (Rom. 2:7).

Unveiling all The Garments of Salvation

The reason for publishing good tidings is to help a soul arrive at peace while the good tidings of good are published to land a soul in salvation. It is necessary for the soul to attain peace so that it can reach forth for salvation.

Understanding the Preparation to God

God does not comprise things which constitute His glory. God does not share His glory with man. A man might have enjoyed redemption, yet he still possesses things that pertain to man in himself.


The cherubs were created in a finite sense, that is they cannot change their state into a higher one. Satan desired a higher state, and that was iniquity, because he was breaking a law in the spirit.

Giving heed to the process of Salvation

God is rearranging things and we must be willing to follow through with such reconfigurations. He is raising His own sons through the tidings of His Day in order to show forth His glory.

The Price For Glory

We all have our breaking points. There is a point we get to where things begin to unravel, it is at this point we need one another to comfort and rebuke ourselves in love.

The Blessedness of Christ Training

Suffering is like a rehabilitation program that frees us from our addiction to death. This rehabilitation program is a painstaking one and we must be helped to go through it. We can not take all the dealings of God all at once. This is why God, in His wisdom, first takes us through the intoxication of the Holy Ghost to cushion the effects of the sufferings that come next.

Attribute of God’s Love

Our definition of love is limited. There is a degree to which we understand love as a result of the love we house. We can not fully understand love until we come to the day of God because the path of the just shines brighter unto the perfect day, which is the day of God

Processes of soul Salvation

As God’s children who are spiritual, our judgement ought to be different from that of those in the world.

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