Deliberately Growing up in the Way of God (WTV)

The way of the Spirit is the way of meekness. There are realms in God that can only be accessed by meekness; this is why we must embody meekness to the fullest.. We must become nothing, having no reputation, so that we can enter into higher realms of God. When we become nothing – not having a reputation – a lot of things would go smoothly, and we would gain entrance. It is a law in the realm of the spirit. As we climb higher in God, we must ascend in meekness.

The Essence of the Unveiling of the Way of Life in God (WTV)

We cannot please God without the ways of the heart. Ways are impartations. As we journey by the leading of the Spirit and give our hearts to the instructions of the Spirit, ways will be imparted into our hearts. Ways do not come only by knowledge, but we need knowledge and understanding to bring forth instruction. It is when a man obeys this instruction that a way is configured in his heart.

Inheriting the Way of God (WTV)

We will not be able to escape our enemies if we are not taught the ways of God. What the enemy uses as an advantage is the fact that he has his ways in us. For us to be free from the hands of the enemy and from them that hate us (Luke 1:71), our feet have to be guided in the way of peace and we have to learn the way of salvation.

The Preparation of the Way of Peace (WTV)

God is not evil and will not chastise a carnal man. God knows that the carnal man cannot understand because carnality is against the nature of God.. The rod brings pain, yet it is a succor to a man of peace. When the Lord rebukes a man of peace, he is okay with it. It is a man of peace that takes the rebuke of the Lord and rejoices.

Accessing the Way to God’s Dominion (WTVPM)

God wants us to know that our dominion is not of this world. The scriptures are the representation of a dominion. It may appear weak or outdated to many but this is a lie of evil spirits. No dominion will come to the saints if they do not ascend into the judgement of God. God will not put us forward as an extension or usage of dominion if we have not judged ourselves with salvation.

Understanding the Ways of God’s Glory (WTVPM)

God wants to raise men like John the Baptist who have prepared the way. There are homes of spirits in men’s hearts because of ways. The place that spirits have in us is a result of their ways in us. This is not a possession of a man by a spirit but a manner of life taught to a man by evil spirits. Evil spirits feed from our disobedience and make our hearts their homes as a result.

Discerning the Work Of God in The New Testament (SOS)

There is a question that ministers of the gospel or pastors are often asked, “how is the work of God?”. However, brethren who are not serving in the fivefold ministry are not often asked this question. This tells us that many (both in the church and outside) do not really know what the work of God is.. The work of God is the salvation of our souls.

The Raising of the Sons of God by the Deposition of Glorious Things (LSC)

The call to sonship is more than just getting born again. This is because the born again experience results only in the raising of a man's spirit to life, but not his soul. Satan has done some work in the soul, so God desires to change the soul. We need to walk by faith to see God’s provision for our souls; this is how our souls can be made superior to that of angels.

Fulfilling the Obedience of The Way of Peace (RH)

One thing that some of us have not yet gotten right is the wise and selfless use of the mind. That is where battles are won and lost. A person can end up processing a thought from a thing and will not know when he/she will take a thought. Thoughts will unlock a lust in a person and the wise thing to do is open up. That is why the Bible says we should confess our faults one to another (Jam. 5:16).

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