Processes of soul Salvation pt2

There are two laws in the New Testament; the law of liberty/freedom and the perfect law of liberty. The law of liberty is the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus that is engaged by walking after the spirit (Rom. 8:1-2).

Dissolving The Present for God's Day

The present heavens and earth have a beginning (Gen. 1:1) and therefore would certainly have an end (Heb. 1:10-12). Everything created will witness an end at the day of God. But God’s desire is that His people will remain, even when all things created have passed away. Revelation 10:11

God's Agenda for the Last Day

The Gospel is essentially designed to heal corruption. Those who have been healed of corruption in their souls have entered into incorruption. At the new birth, a man’s spirit is void of corruption; but this is not yet true about the rest of his being, especially his soul. The New Birth is meant to delay the journey to perishing (Rev. 13:10)

Our Calling; Entering God's Day

The most important thing that should be in our hearts is entrance into what God is giving. Many things can distract us from entrance, this is why we are being raised to focus on entrance and disregard the distractions because nothing else matters.

Growing into all The Tidings of God

God has a purpose for every generation. We may say many things in this generation but what will be told of us is only what God has in mind for us to become.

Commitment to God's Agenda

The first advent of Jesus Christ revealed Him as Emmanuel - God with us (Isa. 8:10) and If Israel had discerned Him as this, they would have experienced salvation available in that allocation.

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