The Operation of the Horn of Salvation (RH)

The Lord Jesus is the completeness of God’s standard for salvation. He is not just aware of some parts of God’s resources; He is aware of every knowledge that pertains to the life of God. So when the authority to govern came upon Him, it just flowed easily. Jesus is exalted, not just because he can destroy and make alive, but because He has the intelligence of God. He is aware of God’s light and life and can seamlessly operate them because He has learnt God’s ways. This is what our activities of learning are meant to achieve. Our learning is not meant to make us unidirectional; it should represent the many-sided wisdom of God.

The Making of a Saint That Can Take the Kingdom (SOS)

Those who can take the Kingdom are "little flock". The beginning phase of taking the Kingdom can only be done by little flock; this means there is more. The saints should migrate from taking the Kingdom to "possessing the Kingdom forever and ever". Those who can take and possess the Kingdom forever and ever are the saints of the Most High (Dan. 7:18).

God’s Wisdom for Salvation (LSC)

The Outer Court is for separation while the Holy Place is for sanctification. The latter is where the laws of this world ‒ the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life ‒ are killed. When a man has fully obeyed the teaching of Christ – which deals with ambition and purges one of evil eyes by reason of the operation of the seven eyes (menora) – such a man would come into a state where he is at peace with God.

Denying the Enemy of Worship to the Living God (SOS)

Anybody can be tempted. In this season, the temptation is to think more highly of ourselves than we ought to think, either by virtue of natural increase or the increase of grace.

Understanding the Wisdom of Dominion (LSC)

What made Jesus (last Adam) different from the first Adam is that the first aborted the “suffering of death” programme, whereas He (Jesus) went through all the temptations and sufferings required and fulfilled the demands of God. The first Adam ought to reject the serpent’s offer and die to the promises of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which was a good death. Rather, Adam died the death of what the devil offered. The introduction of the “suffering of death” programme starts with the faith of the Son of God (Gal. 2:20).


Hello beloved brethren. It is not too early to start preparing for Believers’ Convention 2023, holding August 6th – 12th. It is also not too early to start saving for your accommodation for the conference, in order to ensure that you have a focused attention as the meeting draws near.

Unveiling the Greatness of God's Dominion (RH)

It is only God that can bring value back to man because God is a builder. Satan is a destroyer who has eaten us so deeply, but God will begin to bring healing to souls. Nothing can take out the worms inside souls except the gospel. There is nothing the gospel cannot kill. The worms of "sin and death" and the worms of "hell and death" are all laws.

Overcoming the Scarlet Sin by the Judgment of God (SOS)

The woman was arrayed in scarlet and purple-coloured garment, but the beast was not arrayed. The scarlet colour of the beast is one that is inwardly generated. This tells us that the level of wickedness of the woman is not at the same degree as that of the beast. There is an innate nature inside of an array. This means the colour of the beast is not just something he put upon but an inheritance inside of the beast.

Warring Against The Enemy of Our Inheritance in Everlasting Life (LSC)

When one is living by faith, the work that is being done in one's soul is not obvious. Satan is not omniscient (all-knowing); this is why he does not know what is going on inside a man’s soul. There are times when we think we are not growing up spiritually but God is actually working in our souls.

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