A Higher Walk

The principles of the doctrine of Christ enunciated in Hebrews 6 vs. 1-2 were familiar to Jesus even those who were not believers and the writer of this epistle is obviously by the lack of spiritual progress of Jewish believers.

Walking Beyond The Anthem of the Norm! - Part 1

I found grace to fetch a burden last week after weighing the great disparity between that which the natural estate of the eye/mind of a believer has been accustomed to as a norm in Christianity and that which only the Eyes Of The Our Heart (if accessed/exercised) would appraise as being at variance with God's eternal Counsel on The Wisdom Ordained for His Church.

The Authoring of an Unfinished Faith - Part 1

Part 1 of this series is an attempt to breakdown the Lord's weighty counsel in Jn. 8:31-32 which encompasses what began the faith walk and what would end it i.e. BELIEVING, CONTINUING IN HIS REVEALED WORD WITH ITS DEMAND, BECOMING A DISCIPLE, THEN COMING INTO THE KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH & BEING MADE FREE FROM THE WRONG NATURE WE INHERITED, which isn't a one-off experience as perceived by many but A FAITH TO FAITH EXPERIENCE.

The Authoring of an Unfinished Faith - Part 2

The Beginning of Faith, which entails biblical teachings that can be embraced or understood during the early years of the Christian faith,has a purpose that painfully has gone un discerned by generations of Christians!

The Authoring of an Unfinished Faith - Part 3

There was a kind of Faith that once thrived in Eden before the fall of man. That Faith once flourished because of the availability of a dimension of the Presence/Knowledge of God that caused men to live about a millennia then.

The Authoring of an Unfinished Faith - Part 4

Once upon a time, a kind of the fellowship that God earnestly desires to share with mankind was so real to Adam. By this reality, Adam in an estate of Glory must have been one of the choicest saints that could teach heavenly-intriguing message on Trusting God and Seeing The Kingdom!

The Authoring of an Unfinished Faith - Part 5

Once upon a time, a kind of Knowledge reigned in the days of saints like Job. By that Knowledge, they:

Becoming “SOMEBODY” By Becoming “NOBODY” - Part 1

An elderly minister, whom I highly respect, once caught my attention by paraphrasing Galatians 6:3 as follows, “For if a man think himself to be SOMEBODY, when he is NOBODY, he deceives himself”.

Becoming “SOMEBODY” By Becoming “NOBODY” – Part 2

It may interest you to note that we all inherited a cancerous sinful nature through the decision of the first Adam not to become SOMEBODY before God. Adam missed out in degrees of glorification that our Lord Jesus later came into by “foolishly” hearkening to all of God’s commandment to him, which could be summarized thus, “become the best of NOBODY before the world!”

Introduction To The Gospel That Belongs To Christ - Part 3

It may interest you to know that the first owner and the first being to preach the gospel was God (Rom. 1:1) and His first audience was Adam (Gen. 2:16-17). Unfortunately, the same disobedience that has become a norm today was what limited Adam from experiencing the divine life/eternal power of God’s Gospel which was packaged in the tree of life (Gen. 2:9c/Jn. 6:53/Rev. 22:2).

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