Mastering the Joy of Christ unto the Gladness of God

Salvation has been defined by the whole church as being born again and living a holy life but there is so much more to salvation than we have seen.

X-Raying the Good Tidings; The Life of Christ

Gladness is a property of the holiest of all; it is the gift and blessing of God.

The Judgment of God's Day

The Lord is bringing us to a place of deeper consciousness such that we will bear the burden of Christ more than we have hitherto done even as God supplies grace to push the enemy back and to take the battle to the gate of the enemy.

Overcoming by Resurrection of the Dead

We need the gospel of faith to respond to a demand of God in the spirit. There is a posture faith presents in a believer. In the spirit, those who have not lived by faith have not embraced the power of God.

God's Light; Our Eternal Inheritance

The season that God has brought us into is a season of His light. The day of God is the day where men have so learnt the light of God that they are using the light to live.

Staying under for Understanding Faith

We are currently in the advent of knowledge. There is an explosion of knowledge in the world and the Lord is also opening up knowledge in the church. Knowledge when not properly handled can be harmful. It is impossible for us to arrive where the Lord wants us to without His revelation.

Breaking Into God's Day by Love

Though we have journeyed to a great extent in the spirit, the distance that is yet to be covered is still a great one.

Round Up

We must understand that death is the last enemy. The resurrection of the dead is a reality that would dawn in the soul when the Love of God is attained.

Making Salvation Our Conversation

Although our Lord Jesus is a man, He is also a company. This is why He can be crowned with many crowns which were as a result of many overcomings (Rev. 19:12).

Preparation For Excellent Glory

The tidings of God’s day are glorious thoughts that grant entrance only to those who have been faithful with Christ. Only those who “through patience continuance in well doing” make it into the realm of glory (Rom. 2:7).

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