Bruising Satan Underneath Our Feet (RH)

To hate the world is to hate the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life (1 John 2:16). We cannot hate the world on our own accord. We prove that we hate the world by how well we obey the commandments that are given to us.

ANAMNESIS 2022 Day Three Evening Session Reverend Kayode Oyegoke

Satan and his angels are still in the air because of our disobedience. We allow him to retain his position in the air by remaining entangled with the work he gave us to do — disobedience (Eph. 2:2). When a man walks through the path of these wicked spirits, he is bound to them through his mind. The solution is to do what we hear, we are actually eating in the realm of the spirit when we we hear. When we eat the flesh of Jesus, we would be lifted up into the realm of the Eternal God. God is raising glorious people, therefore, we must eat this flesh.

ANAMNESIS 2022 Day Three Evening Session Reverend Benjamin Gin

the essence of this meeting is to bring to our remembrance the project of God. Man has a profession which is to know God. There is no other curriculum that man needs to learn but God. It is not “God and anything”, rather, it is God and God alone. Our vocation or calling is to arrive at God.

ANAMNESIS 2022 Day Three Morning Session Pastor Tosin Gabriel

Sanctification and cleansing are done to separate us from our idols; the conversations of our country or kindred. Abraham to a degree responded to the dealing of Christ and became a Christ expression. It is only a soul who has obeyed the laws of the doctrine of Christ that the promises of glory can be commended to. If the doctrine of Christ is not obeyed from the heart, God cannot put His laws upon hearts that are not yet converted.

ANAMNESIS 2022 Day Three Morning Session Pastor Thompson Ehima

There is a wisdom ordained for our glory. Jesus came into fullness and thus, carried persons and entities of wisdom. The essence of wisdom is that God will be able to express a life through us.

ANAMNESIS 2022 Day Two Evening Session Reverend Olabode Busuyi

Christ is the promise because He is the Being who custodes everything that constitutes God’s promise to man. His person captures what it takes for a man to move from the earth to Godhood. The essence of christianity is to build men who can reach God and this can happen while we are on earth.

ANAMNESIS 2022 Day Two Evening Session Pastor Kenneth Eyanohonre

Jesus desires to bring man into glory. When Jesus walked on the earth, He received glory and ended up on the throne, and He desires to take us through a similar process so that we can abide in God.

Anamnesis 2022 Day Two Morning Session Pastor Clay Kamma-Odunze

We help Satan to buy time when we give attendance to his ministry (disobedience), even as believers. In order to bring an end to his ministry, we must look up to see what God is saying in this season.

ANAMNESIS 2022 Day Two Morning Session Pastor Dimeji Elugbadebo

There is a kind of soul formation that God wants to find in us for Him to rest. The specification for a man who God desires to rest in is to be poor and contrite. We must give God a place of rest.

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