The Formation of the Image of the Son (WTV)

The enemy of the image of God is the image of this world. The intention of the god of this world is to hinder men from receiving the light of the glorious gospel of Christ (2 Cor. 4:3-4). We need light for the image of God to be formed in us, and light comes by receiving the things of God.

Rejoicing in the Program of Salvation (WTV)

If the gospel will become an inheritance to us, we will go through contradictions that are known before men. This is because contradictions and reproaches are necessary ingredients for the word to be made manifest in us. Oftentimes, we would rather preserve a name we have before men than go through the path of shame (to obey God).

Being Delivered from the Wrong Image (WTV)

Our Lord Jesus knows how to break down images formed under a wrong dominion. He knows how to come into our souls to root out various issues that are summed up as images. Satan continually has a foothold in us because we carry images that were formed under the atmosphere of a wrong dominion. As long as we are subservient to the images of Satan, we would remain under his dominion. But by reason of the things/substances which Jesus gives, the dominion (images) of Satan in us will be rooted out.

The Manifestation of God's Image in Us (LSC)

It is not enough to just claim the promises in the Scriptures; we have to inherit them in our souls. This will happen as we keep the commandments that accompany the knowledge of that promise.

The Process of the Spirit (WTV PM)

God wants His image to be impressed upon our hearts, and He will perform this by an activity of the Spirit which we must be fully baptised into. The process of the Spirit is what moulds/builds the understanding that a man has into an image within his soul.

The Operation of the Horn of Salvation (RH)

The Lord Jesus is the completeness of God’s standard for salvation. He is not just aware of some parts of God’s resources; He is aware of every knowledge that pertains to the life of God. So when the authority to govern came upon Him, it just flowed easily. Jesus is exalted, not just because he can destroy and make alive, but because He has the intelligence of God. He is aware of God’s light and life and can seamlessly operate them because He has learnt God’s ways. This is what our activities of learning are meant to achieve. Our learning is not meant to make us unidirectional; it should represent the many-sided wisdom of God.

The Making of a Saint That Can Take the Kingdom (SOS)

Those who can take the Kingdom are "little flock". The beginning phase of taking the Kingdom can only be done by little flock; this means there is more. The saints should migrate from taking the Kingdom to "possessing the Kingdom forever and ever". Those who can take and possess the Kingdom forever and ever are the saints of the Most High (Dan. 7:18).

God’s Wisdom for Salvation (LSC)

The Outer Court is for separation while the Holy Place is for sanctification. The latter is where the laws of this world ‒ the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life ‒ are killed. When a man has fully obeyed the teaching of Christ – which deals with ambition and purges one of evil eyes by reason of the operation of the seven eyes (menora) – such a man would come into a state where he is at peace with God.

Denying the Enemy of Worship to the Living God (SOS)

Anybody can be tempted. In this season, the temptation is to think more highly of ourselves than we ought to think, either by virtue of natural increase or the increase of grace.

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