Understanding the Realms of the Heavens in God (2) (APM)

All heavens are prepared with an equipment called judgment, but judgment is given because of mercy. Thus, Jesus is referred to as the merciful and faithful High Priest. It takes mercy to partake of the heavens; it is God being merciful to one.

The Veils that Characterize the Life of the Lamb (APM)

The resurrection is building, that is, it is to be raised, but one needs to be given the life. The life would come by two things: the flesh of the Lamb and the blood of the Lamb. The flesh of the Lamb is the covering of God; it is the kind of flesh God has. The Lamb was made our flesh and after death, He was raised by the glory of God and He took the flesh back into a degree of God's flesh.

ANAMNESIS 2022 Day Four Morning Session Reverend Helen Oyegoke

Justification is a kind of raising; it is a process back to glory (Rom. 8: 29-30). Christ has to minister to us for justification purposes. To be justified is to be brought out of flesh (to be made spiritual). Without understanding and knowledge of God's will, a walk that leads us to God cannot be generated. Man was made to be able to wear God’s glory.

The Realms of the Heavens of God (APM)

Psalm 104:2-3 clearly described an alignment in the spirit. God is clothed with light as a garment and right beneath Him are multiple heavens stacked beneath His feet. The chariots of God are clouds and He walks upon the wings of the wind.

Unveiling the Doorway into the Paradise of God (APM)

Right in hell, Jesus' spirit and soul sat on the throne before He entered back into His body. When Jesus ascended to heaven, the Father did not have to make Him better (Heb. 1:4). He triumphed over death and destroyed Satan through death at resurrection. The glory of the Father raised Him up.

Our Profession; Building the House of God (APM)

As much as God wants to receive our souls, He also wants to receive our bodies (Rom. 12:1). He is not calling us to just be holy with our physical bodies but to the answering of a good conscience towards God (1 Pet. 3:21).

Entering the Resurrection Covenant by the Truth (APM)

(Heb. 8:6). We cannot touch promises without the covenant. Life is the promise, while truth or resurrection is the covenant. If we do not have the knowledge of the truth, we would not be equipped for the covenant. This is why the Holy Ghost will first give us a lot of knowledge at our various levels so that we will not be ignorant.

The Interplay of the Son and the Father in Everlasting Life (APM)

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is the gateway to everlasting life and it ends in the high work of life. This high work of life is the Father; it is peace to a man.

Building the Way of God’s Rest (APM)

A high priest must be compassed with the infirmity of the people. He must look like them to be able to save them. There are two categories of people that the High Priest ministers to: the ignorant and those who are out of the way (Heb. 5:2). The goal is to heal them of something they are not aware of.

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