Entrance into the Kingdom by the Remission of Sin Part 2 (LSC)

The preaching of the kingdom is the opening of eyes from the fallen understanding that the adversary had given man (Matthew 4:17; 2 Corinthians 4:3-6; Ephesians 1:18)

Prioritizing Your Spiritual Growth ((RH)

We should prioritize our spiritual growth over our natural abilities. We should also trust God that the work He is doing externally and around us will not be greater than the work He is doing within us. Satan has given men all kinds of abilities, so that we do not prioritise obedience. But while Jesus was on earth, He showed us a pattern of how a spiritual man should handle our abilities as men.

Unveiling the Principles of Iniquity (SOS)

Every doctrine in God is for dealing with the issue of death in men. The doctrine or the life in Christ is for the healing of sin and death (Romans 8:2).

Entrance into the Kingdom by the Remission of Sin (LSC)

The kingdom of heaven is a kingdom that operates by heavenly pattern. No mind on earth can think the kingdom of God. At the new birth, one is eligible to see and learn the kingdom. Satan showed Jesus another dominion, the kingdom of this world which made men into different kinds of flesh. Satan is still giving birth to children of the kingdom of darkness. (John 3:4-6; Matt. 4:8).

Anamnesis 2022 Day Four Evening Session Pastor Shehu Makama

One of the greatest conflicts we have today in the body of Christ is the ability to discern true shepherds. A true shepherd should be filled with a lot of compassion. Compassion is not just having pity on a person. Compassion is an energy that is necessary to move people to where they are supposed to be. The true shepherd is a friend and a bearer of the cross. A shepherd does not teach alone but leads as an example.

ANAMNESIS 2022 Day Four Evening Session Pastor Tope Falaye

An apostle is someone who by doctrine can see the arrangement of God for heavens and earth. Any apostleship that cannot by doctrine tell heavens and earth is not in the four grades of apostles and is not an apostle that can teach doctrine.

ANAMNESIS 2022 Day Four Morning Session Reverend Ken Igbinedion

There is a journey ahead of us and God desires that we keep all the things that He is saying to us. God will not speak to us when we are on a spot, rather He speaks to us when we are journeying so we must keep on moving. There are many things involved in the course of Eternal Life, and what people call suffering is actually a life of the course (of truth).

Unveiling the Ministry of the Glass (APM)

The ministry of knowledge or the ministry of change is called “glass”. There is a glass that we see through darkly (1 Corinth. 13:12). This glass is not the ministry of everlasting life, or the ministry of glory because it still has some darkness. It is the ministry of Christ-life that we see “through” darkly.

A Geographical Analysis of the Beginning (APM)

Eternal Life grows by the way of life, which is a spirit to life. Until the way to Life Eternal is found, no one can see the Tree of Life. A person who can see the Tree of Life is one who has been dealt with by the way and whom the spirit of the way has been put upon.

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