Understanding Godliness with Contentment (LSC)

Satan has a language for every soul to make it discontent. When Satan comes to unsettle us, we must fight to remain content. Contentment added to godliness is the putting of eyes on a Christ man to see into the everlasting realm, but a lack of contentment is a blindness to things everlasting (2 Pet. 1:9).

Inheriting the Incorruptible Seed (Part 1 WTVPM)

Incorruptibility is the inheritance that the living God wants to give to the soul. When we receive the incorruptible seed (1 Pet. 1:23), our hearts have to first keep it and then cooperate with it. Then, we will begin to bring forth the life (or fruits) of that seed. It is when God sows His seed (word) into our hearts that He can truly become our Father.

Opening of Eyes for the Purpose of Holiness (WTVPM)

When Christ opens our eyes beyond the natural to the invisible, that is the beginning of the training for the incorruptible. When the eyes of our understanding are being enlightened (Eph. 1:18), we are being prepared to take something higher than what is seen. The opening of the eyes brings separation from what is seen. We cannot be separated if our eyes are not opened to greater realities. The opening of eyes is for the purpose of cleansing so that we can be made holy.

The Heart Posture for God's Dominion (RH)

(John 7:17). Flesh has been designed to seek its own things, but we must desire to do the will of God in order to attain glory. When a man seeks the glory of God, he will be saved and made true. The path to learning righteousness and coming into true dominion requires that God’s image is formed in us.

Understanding the values of the incorruptible (SOS)

The currency of God’s kingdom is righteousness, and it is of an invisible and eternal value. On the other hand, what is referred to as the “kingdom of this world” is a kingdom that has been highly devalued though it does not yet appear as such to men.

The Burden of the Lord for #BECON23

Believers’ Convention is an event that is tallying with something happening in the heavens. It is an occurrence of and from the Throne. It is an occurrence upon the Throne.

Focusing on Our Walk of Salvation (LSC)

God will rather give us His knowledge than much money. This does not mean God wants us to be poor but that there is something more precious He wants to give us. God is more interested in our souls being saved than just meeting our external needs – which He also takes care of, according to His grace that He provides per time.

Looking for the Incorruptible (SPFN)

We have been praying for God to change our nation, but it will begin from us because judgement will begin from the house of the Lord (1 Pet. 4:17). In this season, we have to labour in the place of prayer to desire the heavenly. If we do not desire to become heavenly, we cannot be of help to the earth.

Submitting to the Dealings of Possessing the Kingdom (SOS)

Taking the Kingdom and possessing it is the process of inheriting the Kingdom. Taking the Kingdom takes place by a walk. The process of walking is the process of receiving the first dominion in Christ – a new man. A new man in Christ is the delivery of a dominion.

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