Submitting to the Leading of the Way (WTV)

Revelation is the knowledge of a Person who is configured by ways (Col. 2:6). This Person is not known until His ways are known. It is only with the help of the Holy Spirit that knowledge can be converted into ways.

Embodying the Way of God's Righteousness (WTV)

There are things peculiar with the move of the word of righteousness – it is a time when knowledge can be translated into a way and then a life. The burden of the Lord for us as a company is a burden of how to translate what we have been hearing into life – to profit with what we are hearing and gain entrance into life.

Learning the Way of God's Righteousness (WTV)

The true "right" is the righteousness of God (Job 34:17). Truth is righteousness and when we do what is right, we are made free (John 8:32). We all have 'self' on the inside, and this is why we must submit to God's righteousness because it is the only way to govern the element of self that is within us.

The Benefit of Keeping the Commandment of Love (WTV)

We should not avoid our brothers and sisters who have infirmities; rather, we should draw them closer. Jesus was not bothered by the faces of the men through whom Satan came to Him. He rather kept the commandments that governed His relationship with them until He came into the everlasting covenant. We gather oil whenever we keep the commandment of love.

Walking in the Way of Truth (WTV)

When God begins dealing with a people at any level, He brings knowledge with the intention of making them walk in the way. Without this way, we cannot arrive at the life that such a knowledge holds.

Understanding the Kingdom Engagement Part 2 (LSC)

The new birth is the recreation of the spirit of a man. Then entering the kingdom or being born of the water and of the spirit is for the soul (John 3:5). God desires the soul to be a spirit just as the human spirit was recreated. The receiving of the kingdom is the bringing in of the soul into the same sphere as the spirit. Without being in the Holy Ghost, there cannot be a rebirth of the soul.

Becoming a Sign of the Gospel (SOS)

One of the strongest signs of our Lord Jesus was His walk. It is one of the most difficult things to read or discern. Prior to the coming of our Lord Jesus, no one has been able to find the path to get to God (John 1:18). Jesus is the author and finisher of the path to God (Heb. 12:2).

Understanding the Kingdom Engagement (LSC)

The seeing of and entering the kingdom is characterized in mysteries. No one can see, know or enter the kingdom without being given. ‘To be given’ means given to understand. The giving of the kingdom is a ministry in the hand of the Holy Spirit.

The Earnest of Our Inheritance (RH)

The first inheritance of a believer is the Holy Spirit and He is a down payment. This shows that there are still more inheritances.

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